Fancy a little Fighting Game?

Which fight sticks do people use?

The Razer stick, or Qanbas, is what I would recommend. I use Razer and have a Hori backup if a friend needs a stick here (though I tend to avoid fighting games with most friends except one who managed to kick my ass while wearing a corset in a SC tourney last year)

They have the lowest input lag, and are good quality sticks.

HORIs are generally low quality and Mad Catz later models had higher input lag, and they’re also now out of business effectively.

BTW Soul Calibur on PC- ranked mode is a shark’s den. There are very few players I’d consider bad at this point, especially if recent new content hasn’t been added.

Got a link? I’d be curious to check those out.

I did pick it up and have played around 90 minutes. So far so good, though I don’t have any previous experience with the series to compare it to. But the online matches were smooth, and the controls seem to be in a reasonable middle ground between complexity and ease of use. There were a couple fights that seemed one-note due to more fireball spam than I’ve noticed in other games, but that might just be inexperience.

I’ve been using a regular gamepad so far, but wondering what I’m missing by not trying an arcade stick. Saw a couple discussions that said it’s basically all preference – people are winning tournaments with both, and if you’re used to either one, there’s not much reason to switch. But there are definitely a few things that feel weird about the gamepad. I sometimes screw up back-forward or down-up inputs because the stick drifts just enough out of center to trigger the diagonal. These motions are easy enough on the d-pad, but those give me a harder time consistently doing quarter-circle motions. I’ve actually played a bit on keyboard when checking out games that weren’t recognizing the gamepad, and had the thought that it might be a better option due to the ability to use all my fingers at once, but haven’t put in the hours to retrain my muscle memory (especially since I’m going back and forth between PC and Xbox).

link to Cass discord. Discords are how people learn fighters these days.
Cass discord should have the guide.

I use the Talim one on occasion. (Talim kinda got shafted in S2 though)

If you’re not used to a stick, sticking with a pad is fine.

ANother option is something called a hitbox, which is kinda a hybrid of a pad and stick, but is kinda awkward to learn. That is considered the best option overall though.

The best pads to me are Hori fighting commander, and Razer Raion pad.

If you get a modern arcade stick you can use it on console and PC. Once you map the buttons in a way that makes sense to you the muscle memory kicks in pretty quickly.

Steam has preset configs you can use to emulate your console stick of choice.

HRAP 4 Kai is what I use for PS4 (Will work for all PS4 sticks I think, it’s just button mapping)

Street Fighter 5 now requires you use it I believe if you have a PS4 stick.

It’s so bizarre to me that everything in gaming has taken this hard turn to Discord. Everything is Discord, now! But it’s so fleeting. If you want to know something, the answer shouldn’t have to be “hope someone is online and willing to answer questions that have undoubtedly been answered countless times already”. The web wasn’t supposed to be this ephemeral. If I’m having an issue with an older game, I can look at forum posts from fifteen years ago and see how people dealt with them, which is handy and just interesting sometimes. Discord guarantees things like that just can’t happen. Nothing that happens on Discord can leave a single mark, which could be an advantage if you want to talk politics or be racist, I guess, but when it comes to knowledge about game mechanics or whatever is just really frustrating. A total step backwards.

Yeah, I agree whole-heartedly. Which I guess isn’t surprising since we’re talking on a forum.

Back to Soul Calibur VI… I think it might be a great time for me to jump in because there are lots of new players to not feel worthless against. That said, my most enjoyable fights have been against players who are much better then me who will replay me repeatedly. I learn so much faster that way.

I was playing Kilik at first a lot but kept getting mirror matches, which are pretty boring. I switched over to Zasalamel and haven’t gotten a mirror match yet, but not sure I like playing him much. Not sure who to play next, but having a great time so far. It’s a great way to relax for an hour.

Soul Calibur VI is on game pass so I started it up last night. I love the intro movie. It’s pretty cool that they lay out the story like that.

I’m just starting to wade into the world of fighting games. What’s the consensus on Pokken Tournament?

I enjoyed it quite a bit, single player, that is. There are some really fun options and game mechanics, too, the likes of which I haven’t found in any other fighting game.

Usually the character discords have FAQS/links that are stickied in the discord.

It’s better than what was being used before which was facebook, and Discords started largely because younger folks refused to use facebook anymore for various reasons, and before that SRK/game forums, which were pretty toxic.

Also, the discords have been less racist/toxic than the previous places as well, largely due to server owners tending to be better people than the folks who ran the old places, with some exceptions. Much of this is due to a changing of the guard generationally from Gen X to millenials.

Zasalamel is considered one of the best, safest characters right now. Having your face caved in by someone young enough to be your daughter is a feel. (She’s a legit top player though, I’m realistically mid tier by competitive standards- I managed to not drown in pools at EVO but that was half luck)

BTW of the three versions of SC6- Xbox probably is the easiest online, PC has most of the better players since it’s the best version of the game, with 5 bar online = to console offline.

I mean it’s not just fighting games, it’s everything.

Apparently Fantasy Strike is going Free-to-Play with its latest update. Seems like a pretty fair F2P model at first glance.

Those new characters look great! Really looking forward to playing more of this soon.

I think the “surprise” in the F2P model is you can’t play with friends until you buy the “core” pack, which is what the game has always cost. But free to play versus random players. Should be helpful in keeping the player pool active.

I downloaded this, but I have yet to fire it up. Peak players have gone from a previous high of 66 in June 2019 to…261. Still not a huge population! I hope a lot more people pick it up. I think it sounds really interesting. I have a couple Yomi packs from way back when.

Me too. I love Fantasty Strike for in person but haven’t actually played it much online. I played some matches last night to check out Onimaru (who may be my new favorite character) and it felt pretty great!

Some content news last night

Tekken is getting a season 4
Soul Calibur is getting Setsuka, some new costume stuff, and a huge gameplay patch Tuesday.
(Calibur gets one more character in a few months, almost certainly Hwang)