Fantasy Football: Not for the feint of heart

Hey guys and gals,

It is that time of year again when we start up fantasy football registration. However, this particular league is for people who are really into it. 20 team league, head-to-head, Yahoo. Will open it to the public at some point in time, but I wanted time for my brother and I to send invites out to people first. If you are interested, just PM me with your e-mail and I’ll shoot you an invite. Also, I would love to continue the league we played last year, as well. Fuzzy Slug, I think you were the comish of that one if you want to send out invites.

Erik J.

Someone from that other thread is going to totally kill you for saying “feint of heart.”

That is fine by me. I never claimed to be an English genius. I am sure some people will find it doubly annoying since the mistake is in a thread about football.

Erik J.

I’ve done the feint of heart move on many women, actually.

I enjoyed last year’s league though. I’m not sure about doing a hardcore one though, as I’m starting a new job this fall and don’t know about my time commitments yet.

I wouldn’t mind joining the league from last year again. I sent you a PM for your other league too.

Not substituting homonyms is genius now? Is this the new educational standards I keep hearing about?


You know I’m in. The Watergaters return.

Awesome. We have a winner. Would you like to play fantasy football now? Sent invites out to everyone who sent me a PM.

Erik J.

Alright. I think everyone should have an invite waiting for them now. Please let me know if I missed you. Draft isn’t going to be for awhile, and it will be a Saturday morning most likely. Plenty of time to do research.

Erik J.

Let’s start with your league and see if there is enough interest for a QT3 only league. Shoot me an invite.

The only reason I suggest perhaps re-opening your league is that a 20 team league is a bit cutthroat. Casual players may be more interested in the standard 12 team league.

Erik J.

Just a heads up, about one week left before the draft starts. Still spots left for others who want in to sign up.

Do we still PM Erik J? I was just going to make a thread asking about a Qt3 league. Let me know who to contact, I would like in.

Hi Calvin,

The name of the league is Coughin’ Up a Harbaugh, but if you give me your e-mail, I’ll shoot you an invite as well.

Erik J.

Ok, Bill and Calvin should have invites. Let me know if you don’t, or if anyone else needs an invite, shoot me a PM with your email.

Erik J.

I am all ready to kick some ass.

Do we still need one more to get to even teams, or is the holdup because someone has not replied to their invite yet?

It is s currently set to Autodraft now. I’m guessing since we had an odd number of teams when the scheduled live draft was suppose to start, it defaulted to that. Now it shows Sept. 6th.

Hey guys,

I have no idea what the deal is, but the draft was sent to auto. The only way to fix it was to reschedule the draft. I put it next Saturday, but that is up for debate at this point. You guys let me know. I’ll probably be on a plane that day anyway, I just want to get the draft in for everyone else at this point.

Erik J.

I’m not in the league, but next Saturday is too late because there is a game on Thursday.