Fantasy Football

Just thought I’d see who here plays and how you did this year.

I had a great group of receivers with Harrison, Chad Johnson, and Torry Holt but my RB’s suffered with C.Martin and Portis. I had the 6th best overall points total in the league (10 teams) but we are a head to head league and I finished 5-9 and out of the playoffs.

I knew a made a mistake loading up on receivers and not getting good RB’s with receiving skills for those points but it is a keeper league and all the good RB’s were already taken…except for Larry Johnson of course…missed that one!

I had a very good season. I picked up 4 top RB’s

Thomas Jones
Rudi Johnson
Warrick Dunn
Willis McGahee

Peyton Manning for a QB

Santana Moss
Roy Williams
Joey Galloway
Brandon Lloyd

My WR’s hurt me with inconsistencies…I managed to make the playoffs but lost in the 2nd round.

I had a surprisingly good year in all of my leagues. I made the playoffs in each league but didn’t get 1st in any unfortunately.

In the one league I’m in with no playoffs, I got first place with:

Carson Palmer (10th round pick that was laughed at during the draft!)

Steve Smith
Terrell Owens (doh, replaced with capable fill-ins)
3rd WR changed a lot

Shaun Alexander
Carnell Williams/Kevin Jones/Willie Parker (Shaun definitely carried me)

Jason Witten

Neil Rackers

Chicago D <- awesome.

Never really recovered after having my 2nd (or maybe 3rd) pick Javon Walker get wiped out for the season in the first week… my RB core of Ronnie Brown and Corey Dillon took about a half-season to get started, and QB Trent Green typically didn’t see the need to throw TDs (valuable in a QB 6-point per TD league). Wound up 5-8.

— Alan

Ooh Alan, the Trent Green pick was poison. If the Chiefs get into the red zone…well, I guess I don’t need to point it out, do I?

But! You got unfairly chumped on them Brown and Dillon picks. Like Psh AS IF Tokes McBonghit over there was seriously expected to produce in Miami, and the Injury Bug was never a big factor with Dillon IIRC. Bummer.