Far Cry 2 preview

New preview up http://www.shacknews.com/featuredarticle.x?id=880

looks pretty impressive to me. My 4 yr old rig died the other day so my new one has me excited again about the new stuff coming. This seqel sounds much more impressive than Crysis to me and less hardware intensive as well.

It’s like Far Cry decided to shit up two sequels, and one of them went the HL2 route, and the other went the STALKER route.

The latter looks way more awesome.

If this lets me shoot antelopes and wildebeests with a rocket launcher, I am so in.

I am totally sick of shooters in the middle east and southeast asia. More africa please.

Yes, but not just shooters, I want more games of all genres in Africa without the feeling of the setting being tacked-on. Also, I hope a games journo will do a piece one of these days on the state of African game development.

I’m curious to see how macheteing Africans will go over.

As long as they aren’t portrayed as crazed, soulless, wide-eyed beasts hungry for the blood of the noble white man sent to save them I am sure it will be fine. Hopefully Capcom will notice this.

Far Cry 2: Bwana?

They covered that a bit in the preview article, in that it looks like you’ll be fighting an enemy sporting more diversity than a corporate webpage.

I’m not impressed. Again with the framrate issues in the gametrailers preview what’s going on there (might be actually gt’s fault).

Yeah, I read that. And a machete murderer mechanic still seems an unusual choice for a game striving to be “apolitical” in that setting, especially given the efforts to make it deliberately unpleasant and edgy in its consequences. Maybe you can also recruit and brainwash child soldiers and perform female circumcisions (of all races and ethnic groups, of course).

“And it’s not like those types of games where they say, ‘Oh, we have a non-linear story,’ and it’s like, ‘A or B–which way do you want to go, left or right?’ Our game is sort of a pattern of different events, and everything reshapes itself depending on what you do.”

I think most games that are guilty of that say about the same thing …

“[The Jackal] is allowing this conflict to continue. So you have to find this guy to kill him. But to get to him you have to sort of befriend both factions, play them against each other and gain information as you get closer and closer to this guy.”

Doesn’t that essentially make you another Jackal? Or did I just spoil the plot twist?

The first thing I did in the demo was receive a phone call from Frank, an Irish ally holed up inside a nearby safehouse.

Do not accept missions by phone from people with Irish accents!

Tell me more about this game, it sounds intruiging!

I don’t really see any difference between this and the garotte in Hitman; it’s a silent kill method using a weapon that fits the setting. The making it deliberately unpleasant, in the end, merely glorifies the use of firearms over melee weapons, unless there are negative consequences to killing too many people with gun as well.

I think the success of the game is going to turn on the quality of the nausea and vomiting modeling.

Step One: diseased protagonist
Step Two: (currently in beta)
Step Three: profit!

“The machete, not as clumsy or random as a firearm; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

Anyway, semi-controversy seem to be in vogue with Ubisoft these days. The Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter franchise all but portrayed Mexicans as wanting to invade the US, with nukes. And this in the midst of the most prominent immigration debate in the US for ages.

Anyway, FC2 is one of those games I don’t dare to get exited about. It will undoubtedly be pretty, but I don’t have much faith in the gameplay.


krise madsen

Yeah, killing hundreds of people with bullets instead of a machete is so much clean, nice and humane.

Jeez, people and their hipocresy. A fps with a melee weapon, that’s sooo strange. Doom has a chainsaw, Quake an axe, HalfLife a crowbar, Far Cry and lots of games a knife, etc etc and i think this won’t be the first game with a machete.
It’s an action game, with jungles and in Africa. The result? The melee weapon chosen for the arsenal is a machete.

edit: wait, i think the “knife” in Far Cry wasn’t a knife, it was already a machete…

This kind of sounds like Boiling Point without all the suck.

If they ship a full terrain editor with drag/drop prefab structures on console and include an online social service for reviews and distribution that would be pretty amazing. If they build a good game on top of that they’ll have my attention for sure, I think it looks pretty promising although the SP premise sounds kind of flaky.

I think Lizard_King was speaking more to the mechanic behind machete kills and NPC reactions rather than the mere existence and use of one.

Don’t forget the burning tire necklaces