Far Cry 2 preview

If you missed the URL in the trailer, here’s a blog from the world of Far Cry 2. With some in-game photos of locations that I assume you’ll be blowing up.

It’s “hypocrisy”, and I don’t think that’s the case. All I was pointing out that for a game striving (apparently) to use Africa merely as a setting with minimal political or historical overtones, it was a curious choice to add in

Which seems to me like a really odd choice for implementing a pretty straightforward game mechanic (being bad=reaction) in a non controversial manner. In Africa. In the wake of the whole pseudocontroversy surrounding RE4. Etc.

Good graphics? Check.

Interesting gameplay? Check.

New-ish take on the FPS model with openworld activities? Check.

White guy killing hundreds (possibly thousands) of enemies comprising of other races, most notably Africans? Check.

Alright, I think we have a game here guys!

Seriously is the games industry full of masochists or something? They could have VERY easily made the protagonist in this game black, but, for whatever reason, decided to fill it with, yet another, white guy… I just don’t understand why they like being hated by the mainstream media so much.

wouldn’t we lose the whole Great White Hunter flair if the main character isn’t white!!!

I figure the difference being that we can all mostly agree, whatever our stances, on general morality and good vs. bad guys - but once you start practical application of those morals to real-world situations, people get involved, get political, start taking and making exceptions based on history, society, etc - and it all becomes a good bit stickier.

So I do think the one issue is easier from a publicity perspective.

I think he should’ve been a robot, and then it would be clear that he was exterminating all human life impartially and fairly.

Or perhaps include a racial balancing chip, which allows you to measure quotas of races killed in order to avoid the inappropriate possibility of genocide in your ruthless bloodbaths.

My understanding was that the player would be able to choose from a variety of characters to play as, and the ones not chosen would inhabit the world as NPCs. Is that no longer the case, or did they announce that all the possible PCs were white?

Well, considering it’s you who chooses it to be a white guy, and not the developers (as they give you a choice), I would say that it’s your issue, not theirs.

From that preview, it read as though you start as one character and can open access to additional characters.

Perhaps they could implement a genocide revenge method, so that if the game notices you killing unusual amounts of one race they start upping the skills of opponents of that race, and genociders eventually get their asses handed to them.

That would be snazzy. I tried sooo hard to like it. It was like system-shock-blivion-theft-auto in the jungle, but totally horrible.

We can but hope.

anyone check out the narrator’s blog: http://reubenblog.typepad.com/ ?

Not to derail the thread or anything, but it sounds like it could be a pretty fun game to play. The whole living breathing world deal with a set amount of people going about their business while you try to find The Bad Guy has potential. Hopefully they do the concept justice.