Far Cry 2 (yes the older one) buddy problem

So I’m revisiting this game, and have a buddy mission icon on the map, but when I meet him (the Indian/Sikh-looking guy with the turban) at the safe house where he’s staying, I can’t interact with him. He’s playing with his phone and shaking his head. What gives?

He’s just in a safe house? That just means he’s ready to give you a hand when you get in trouble. He’s not there to chit chat. He’s on standby to come save your life man! :)

Hmm, that’s weird, because I had taken a mission from one of the warlord types, and then gotten word from said buddy about maybe going at it another way. In fact, the journal acknowledged as much, and the map marker indicated it as well.

BTW, when do I get to activate cell phone towers? As it is I’ll go up to one and I don’t get the activation icon on the red pulsating box (this also happened with a glowy briefcase in a wrecked bus that I assume contained a diamond, but again, no icon). Also, I can’t figure out how to listen to the jackal tapes in my inventory.

There should be two indicators on the map. If you do the mission the normal way, you go to one icon. If you want to do it the way your buddy suggested, you go to the other icon. But going to the safe house is different. That’s just your back up buddy, who’s ready to assist you. The main buddy is the one who will be at the other icon on the map. Your back-up buddy is your second bestest buddy who will help you out.

Please stop bumping this thread, as it’s making me want to replay Far Cry 2.


I think my game may be bugged, because the only alternate-mission-procedure icon was located in the safehouse where this Sikh guy was hanging out. Other weird stuff: I can’t talk to people–I see the subtitles of them trying to talk to me, but I can’t interact with them. For instance, the gun store dealer offers me a mission to blow up a shipment by a rival, but I can’t interact with him. Also happened with my third best buddy hanging out at Mike’s bar. Another problem is that the stupid resolution doesn’t want to stick at 1920x1200 on my monitor.

Going to try to verify integrity of the game cache. Oh joy, it looks like when you do that the game launches for some bizarre reason.

Not sure what’s going on. Not sure if it’s bugged or just the way the game is.

Just be aware that Far Cry 2 is not very interactive to begin with. You can’t really talk to people and interact with them in any meaningful way. Sometimes they’ll spew weird South African accented word vomit at you as fast they can, but you can side step that and not get any on you.

The game is one of my favorites because of the exploration and the combat sandbox chaotic emergent gameplay, not because of any RPG-lite trappings that it mostly pays very light lip-service to.

If you’re going to the marked safehouse and he isn’t talking to you that does sound like a problem. Once you enter the room and interact with him, he should start his pitch for the alternate mission. Might be worth a reinstall if the verify files doesn’t work. I recently reinstalled and all my saves were still there, so I wouldn’t worry about losing progress,