Far Cry $20, $25 shipped

…although the manual’s in Thai. I ordered software from this place recently and they sent it damn fast.


Tempting… how is the rest of the game compared to the demo?

I have to confess, I bought the game because of all the pretty eye-candy but was instantly bored. I also found the vehicle control to be sloppy, trying to have you fill both roles of a HALO jeep with just one guy.

I think it’s a very fun game, though the last level is next to impossible. There are plenty of ways to go about every obstacle–in most cases there’s one “James Bond”-like way that makes you look really cool and offs all the baddies in one shot, but it’s not always obvious, and you’re sure to engage in plenty of good ol’ Rambo-esque gunfights before the end.

The last level is freakin’ impossible, though. I tried cheating to beat it (invulnerability and infinite ammo/all weapons) and still died (apparently lava kills even immortals). I had to turn on no-clipping to finally get past it.

Far Cry is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful – up to and including the point where you start off with one weapon, nearly no ammo, and a long, death-defying jump off of a waterfall. Then it turns to “SIF FFS!!!11!!!” very quickly. I’d rather play through Half Life’s last alien levels many many times than Far Cry’s last two, ludicrously and stupidly difficult levels.