Far Cry 4 confirmed, to be released in Nov 2014

I really enjoyed FC3, so looking forward to this!

Good job internet

edit: oh, I see shellfishguy beat me to the punch!

Wasn’t into Far Cry 3 at all. I liked the less gaminess of FC2.

Funny though I was thinking about the Far Cry series today and how each iteration has been very, very different. Are there other series where the difference between iterations has been that large?

It’s pretty hard to quantify, but I’d say Mass Effect made equally big changes over its trilogy, as well as also having the biggest change being from 1 to 2.

Hard to quantify, but I’d say the jumps between Mass Effects roughly mirrored the severity of changes in FC. Both series’ first to second game transition was a pretty big change in both the tech/engine and the gameplay, the second to third changes weren’t as dramatic in the tech, but the gameplay still changed some again.

Holy crap. The tweets over the boxart image are already raging about racism and homophobia.

Can we learn a little about the characters before we assume the main bad guy is gay?

But Telefrog he is wearing purple and that’s the gayest color known to man.

You can tell by the earring! Left side means straight, right side means gay.

Or is it the other way around?

My biggest problem with the cover is that his left leg is weirdly located. It’s like it comes more from the center of his hips than the side.

That’s no leg.


My initial reaction: Love that Far Cry 4 cover. Sitting on a broken statue like that. The details on his jacket, shoes and pants. The pin from the grenade on the finger he’s using to subjugate the prisoner. The shoe resting on the broken head of the statue he’s using as a throne. So much detail. I love it.

Flamboyant antagonists aside, I’m looking forward to wingsuiting the fuck off of Mt Everest.

Right… like anyone is NOT supposed to instantly think this just happens to be some metrosexual hetero guy with great style. After 1/1,000 of a second I instantly thought they used Carson Kressely as a template

That’s another thing I like about the cover. Despite it only being part of the background, you can tell the type of mountainous villages and hills you’ll be seeing in the game. Reminds me of top elevation areas of Just Cause 2.

He’s not gay. He’s Russian.

Was Far Cry 2 a fluke or did the team disband? It’s tied with STALKER as my favorite shooter of the last few years.

I was pretty indifferent to Far Cry 1 and thought 3 was a pretty big disappointment.

Hope they ditch the “hallucinating while walking through jello” sequences of FC3. Lordy those were bad.

The first thing I thought was “flamboyant histrionic hetero with some 80s trashy style” more than “gay”.

This thread has confirmed for me , we need a Willy Wonka game.

Can it be something like Just Cause 2 and Saints Row had a baby? Please?