Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


F*** yes! Most gorgeous place on Earth that I’ve personally been to. So I have high hopes of a Far Cry set in Montana.

The visuals in that trailer stunned me. Not really shitting anyone. Such a great idea for a setting, and it looks terrific.

I doubt that’s real-time gameplay.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not computer generated even. Looks like someone went out and shot something on their camera for this teaser. I could be wrong though.

It looked in-engine though, which is impressive. Probably running on some sort of PC/PS4 hybrid though, haha. I can’t imagine the PS4 version would actually look like that… but the PC version… well, you never know. I wonder if it’s a new engine?

I doubt it’s even in-engine.

Here’s the second video teaser:

That guy running isn’t in-engine.

Teaser 3:

Yeah, but the constant flow of dead bodies on the rivers does knock a few points off in my book.

I have zero interest in Far Cry as a game, but am all for more games set in the Yellowstone and Glacier National Park areas.

And 4:

Okay yeah, I think the problem is I was watching them embedded. When you go to YouTube and watch them full screen it’s clearly footage filmed on location.

It says good things about the level of graphics we’ve reached in this day and age though, that it could fool @Scotch_Lufkin into thinking a camera shot was actually an in-game engine portrayal. That never would have happened in previous years. We’ve come a long way.

I was thinking the same thing.

I’m really curious to see how Ubisoft dodges the political ramifications of setting the game in Montana. I assume the bad guys will be alt-right nutjobs or perhaps frontier prepper drug runners.

The Bolivian government packed up all the drug dealers from Wildlands and shipped them to Montana.


Or, since the last FarCry was Primal, maybe they’re going to continue away from their usual formula and go with something different. Zombie Farcry? Apocalypse? Aliens? Who knows!

I think you might be onto something? In that one teaser with the church bell, when we zoom past the church tower, you can see the guy is ringing that bell by smashing someone’s head against it. I certainly get some kind of Apocalypse vibe from it. Including the one for that guy being gunned down in that field.

I just read these teasers are leading up to a big announcement on Friday, so all should be answered then.

If playing Far Cry 4 is like eating 100 hamburgers, then playing Far Cry 5 will be like eating 100 buffalo burgers.

I really hope this one will be Clint Hocking’s joint, and follow STALKER/FarCry 2 lineage than yet another reskin of FC3. I am fed up with these reskins, didn’t even bother with Primal anymore.