Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Faith’s area is cleaned up for the most part, can’t seem to find the remaining 6 property things to destroy. I’ve even flown around in a chopper for a good 20 minutes uncovering foggy areas. Damn UbiStuff! Anyways I am headed toward Jacob’s area next.

1 hr later… found the last of them. Used a chopper and followed the blood and shells trail.


I love the choppers in this game. I hate the fixed-wing planes, which I can’t fly worth crap. The helos, though, are boss.


Yeah I have the one with guns and rockets , from the Vietnam dlc, its so OP. :)


Agree. Far Cry choppers are a lot of fun and very useful. Far Cry airplanes are things to avoid.


Love climbing towers in this , wish there were more.

This was probably my worst abduction moment:

Finished up Jacob’s area other than 5 wolf towers which I am not wasting my time finding. :p

All I have left is to confront Joseph now.

Also @marquac is this true regarding Canadian bears (the apologize part)?



That is correct sir.


And done , overall my 2nd favorite Far Cry, behind Primal. Been forever since a game hooked me into playing every free moment I had.

What a weird boss fight of sorts and ending.

Ending pics:

My biggest regret is missing out on the festival.

Now on to Far Cry New Dawn!


Finished this today with 36 hours according to Steam, playing on Hard.

I loved John’s region (my first) but halfway through the second region the game started to drag, in part due to being taken out of what I was doing for story missions and in part because I had already become bored of the side missions and prepper stashes.

I found outposts a lot less enjoyable than 3/4, and prepper stashes less fun than the towers.

Did anyone else find that a lot of weapons just felt ‘off’?


The weapons were pretty boring, and a lot felt samey .

I ended up using the grenade launcher, smg , bow, and one of the sniper rifles.


The weapons are not the greatest, no. It’s something I often find in these sorts of games, though. You don’t want the good weapons to be so far along in progression that you can’t use them much before the game ends, but you also don’t want great boomsticks handed out like candy early on, because that makes loot and rewards meaningless. Getting that balance right is really tough.

That’s above and beyond the issue of “feel” of the weapons, of course, which is probably what folks mean when they talk about how the weapons are a bit off, I’m guessing. I find that in most games the weapons most likely to feel good or “right” are the sniper rifles and shotguns, the ones most likely to feel off are the automatic weapons of any sort and pistols. FC 5 was pretty much no exception, for me.


I’ve always found that game from id Software seem to have the best weapon feel when shooting. Or I should maybe sum it up as the most satisfying killing experience. :p


I rather enjoyed that most unlockable guns were only slight upgrades (or sidegrades). It was refreshing that using the same AR from beginning to end was viable.


That’s a reasonable view, sure. I oscillate between that sort of approach, and really liking new and more powerful stuff being unlocked as rewards. I tend to prefer what you describe, as long as the “sidegrades” are interesting and different enough.


I think that may be more easily achieved in a sci-fi or fantasy setting but in the modern context, it’s pretty hard to make an assault rifle feel all that different from another assault rifle, at least within the context of a game.


One of the most annoying ways of handling weapons is the way Fallout games do it, in terms of semi-auto vs. automatic weapon damage. I get that they need to balance something that is fundamentally unbalanceable, but it is always really odd and dissatisfying when they decrease the per-bullet damage of a weapon in full auto mode, compared to the exact same ammunition/weapon in single fire mode. I mean, a bullet is a bullet is a bullet, whether it was fired one at a time or in rapid succession, so that Short Combat Rifle .45 slug should do the same damage in either mode. But no, single-shot versions of the weapons get higher damage to offset the lower rate of fire, leading ostensibly to a rough equivalency in DPS I suppose, but going against logic and player instinct.


There are some easy things they could have done:

1). Make auto fire weapons more inaccurate than they are currently
2). Give them much less range that semi automatic or single shot weapons
3). Make them more prone to jamming (would need to add this mechanic)
4). Make them ineligible for VATS - how can I even target a part of a persons body with an automatic weapon?
5). Reduce critical hit chance with automatic weapons

Those would help.


Have you played Titanfall 2?


I like those ideas.


Well watching a stream and the player still gets random deprived of agency so the bad guys can monologue.

I mean they literally shot up a place, the bad gals tell them to disarm themselves for… basically no reason, of course the player does and then there is a scene where they talk and act evil for evil’s sake and you’re powerless to stop them despite just killing 30 dudes an destroying 5 acres of land 30 seconds ago.

Ubisoft is trying real hard for some sort of Worst Writing award, I swear.


Playing this now… made it through two of the Seed family areas. I’m going back and forth on whether I’m enjoying it or not. There doesn’t seem to be much ‘game’ here. The usual Ubi compound clearance is fine but seems to be over in 30s flurries. And then there’s nothing much else until I’m captured. The emergent stuff along the roadsides is too repetitive to be meaningful. Hunting and fishing hold zero interest for me if they don’t tie in to in-game goals. Prepper stashes likewise. I guess the stashes provide the rest of the ‘content’? Seems a bit like they’re saying ‘Well here’s some stuff you could do, I guess?’ Do any of those stashes build into anything cool? At this rate the game will be over and I don’t feel it’s really started yet.