Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal

Far Cry 5 was ok, new Dawn was a bit better. But Far Cry Primal remains my favorite game of the series to date.

Their third person stuff usually supports 1st person for aiming right? I wonder if it’s a technical or design decision to have different approaches per series.

Was it the lack of the “bliss bullets” nonsense?

Yep, that was a total shit choice by the developers to get the story to progress in FC5.

And then to have it happen, what like 9 or was it 10 times in the damn game?

This is now on sale for $11.99 on steam. I know from following the thread that this received somewhat middling reviews.

Having played all the other FC games, and mostly liked them (though FC1 is weirdly still my favorite, but that might be due to how new it felt at the time to have such expansive maps in an FPS), is this the time to add this to my backlog so I might get to it next year?

I really enjoyed 5 myself. It’s the same formula, has some annoying bits, but overall is a fun time.

Nothing to make it stand out from the others, but it was worth playing. 3’s still my favourite, followed by 4 and Primal.

Enjoyed it too at the time, but with hindsight far too linear.

My friend and I finished it in co-op, had a grand old time. Some annoying unskippable bits but they’re minor.

Only ever played the Far Cry’s single player. Imagine co-op adds a good bit of extra planning, fun and general wackiness. Oh to have friends ;)

Have…you…played a Far Cry game…?

“I plan to shoot up that outpost!”
“I plan to run over everyone I see on the road!”
“I plan to fly this plane to… nevermind, I crashed.”

Fair point.

Am I unique? I actually took my time in scoping out outposts, paying attention to guard locations, patrol routes, dogs, etc. Forget the story, my most enjoyment was in clearing an outpost without being spotted.

Maybe I should just go back to playing the original Thief games.

Nah I’m kidding, we did the same too with outposts, it’s just in FC the chaos seems more fun.

I think you’re mixing Far Cry up with Just Cause ;)

The chaos in Far Cry games is more focused and less deliberate extreme than in Just Cause games, I would say. I mean, there is no “chaos meter” in FC at least. But FC 5 and the stand-alone follow up are both very fun IMO.

Except for the Twins :(

Eh, even then, well worth the time.

Everyone forgets Blood Dragon

Very true! I even have it installed and played for about 30min and STILL forgot about it… Seemed like it was going to be fun retro romp, but somehow I just got distracted and never returned!