Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal

I really enjoyed it, though as with all the FC games there are elements that are less enjoyable than others. In this case, it’s the ludicrous way the game will take away control and force you through sequences to make their story work. I do appreciate what they are trying to do with the narrative, in a lot of ways, but as a gameplay mechanic it’s kind of annoying.

Most of the side quests are pretty cool, though some are the sort that once you start them you kind of have to finish them right then, as if you go too far from the location it auto-fails. But in general, it’s a very good landscape to run around in, and the moment to moment gunplay and stuff is great. It gets a little rote by the end, as you are geared up the wazoo, but that’s par for the course as well.

It really is. I’m surprised that they made sneaking up to take out enemies from behind pretty fun. But they don’t hold your hand and make it too easy like in some games. They usually have people arranged in a way that you’ll usually get spotted after the second, if not the first, enemy.

I grabbed a shotgun at the first opportunity. The only problem is getting close to people first, but then BAM. So good. I kind of love trying to stay under cover, and then run and slide to get close enough to shotgun them.

Heck even the machine guns feel good. That’s usually the type of guns that are too generic feeling in most games and are the most boring.

The LMGs are very fun, yeah. I always have trouble picking one loadout and sticking with it, because I want to try different things, but once you find something that clicks there is no practical reason to do anything else. Leveling up to be able to carry more weapons is something I make a priority, though there is something to be said for going for a while with only a couple of weapon slots, to make it more meaningful when you have to choose.

Usually, I end up with an automatic rifle or SMG, silenced; a sniper rifle, silenced: a pistol, either silenced or one of the huge damage dealers that isn’t; and either a LMG or a rocket launcher.

Actually I was talking about SMGs, those are the ones that usually feel generic and boring. LMGs are always awesome. It was my favorite in Far Cry 2.

Same here-- in Far Cry 2 there was always a nice new LMG in my weapon crate.

Ah, gotcha. Yes, these are really good here. You can dispense with a rifle even with the right SMGs.

Picked this game up for $9. Damn you Ubisoft, you always reel me in. The environments are beautiful, but the game is the same as ever: a series of disconnected icons scattered around a map. I do a bunch of things so that an arbitrary resistance meter fills up. There’s an infinite army of annoying yahoos for me to murder. I can’t skip through lines of boring dialog because they’re animated. Just once, I’d like to have one of these games where the world changes that are supposed to flow from playing the game feel like they arise organically and not because of a meter. Ah well, I’ll probably give it a couple of more hours then call it.

Yeah, if it ever gets to the point of examining the mechanics like that, the game is done, done, done. On the free weekend I just marveled at how diverse the scenery was, and how beautiful everything was. It’s not just a series roads and trees and repeating structures. There’s beautiful unique buildings everywhere, there’s a fishing dock over there, an actual apple orchard over there, with actual apple trees setup in rows that I can’t really admire because someone stopped in a pickup and is shooting at me. That sort of thing. It keeps me from thinking about “go to icon”, “watch resistance meter go up”, etc.

I personally missed the tower climbing mechanic to highlight points of interest.

Me too. But everyone bitched about it and now it’s gone.

Except in Assassin’s Creed!

Except they ended up making the act of climbing something a two year-old could figure out. I liked figuring out the path to the top of the towers in Florence, Rome and Istanbul.

Indeed, in fact the climbing has been one of the worst parts of AC games now for awhile (after Syndicate).

I am inept, so the simple climbing in the last three AC games is a boon. So much so that in every third-person action game I play now I want to climb everything, and am pissed when I can’t.

Though I do think the challenges of figuring out the path to the top in the Far Cry towers was pretty cool. I never played most of the other AC games.

I too was disappointed by the few hours I played during the free play weekend. I mean, great game and all, just tired of these open worlds. I liked the scene where you were kidnapped up north, and the Clutch Nixon stuff. Those are little checkpoint driving events. Being attacked by wolverines & bears was cool.

The arcade section looked like it might be fun. Lots of user-created maps with things to kill.

It’s a good update.

Yeah, I’ve been playing through on PS5 and it’s really good with the patch. It’s in the PS Plus Extra library, so worth a download if you have that.

On a replay after Far Cry 6, I wound up liking 5 a lot more. I absolutely agree that the kidnapping moments suck from a player agency perspective, but everything else is pretty dang good. Even the DLC is better overall.

Shhhhhhhit. 9 bucks on Xbox store.