Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


There was a version of it at least through Unity. Invisible (never mind the eye-catching costume) while walking in crowds, sitting on benches, etc.

Mind you, it was janky as heck, just like every other AC system.


Yeah, I think Unity was the last AC game with the crowd-hiding mechanic. At least, it was the last one that actually used it as part of the story campaign. There were missions in which you had to move Arno carefully through a crowd to get next to a target or enter a building.


What drove me nuts in AC Revelations was how the members of the gaggle you were with would get peeled away.


Surely the social stealth is somewhat less crazy than Hitman: Agent 47 assuming the identity of anyone by just putting their clothes on, even with a shiny bald head and a prominent barcode tattoo on his neck.


Well, now that you put it that way it just seems silly.


And with that realization, videogaming vanished in a puff of smoke, never to return.


Steam uninstalling and drive formatting …


You have to burn the drive. It’s the only way to be sure.


Sit Ubu sit, good dog!


Ubisoft announced a live-action short film that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 5th.


I REALLY don’t like this newfangled way of making words something they are not.

Its an ANNOUNCEMENT trailer.


Also, “live action short film” = “advertisement”. ;)


I blame translating from Japanese. Far Cry 5 Super Announce: Real World Create# Nexus


Holy shit. This looks crazy.


Ha! Just coming here to post that. That looks like an awesome addition that really increases my interest in the game. Ubisoft has been pleasantly surprising me a lot recently.


That might be awesome… but I don’t get the ‘Arcade’ nomenclature, which to me says ‘short and action focused’. Is that an actual limitation? They say I can put a compound underwater… can I put Paris underwater? Is there scripting…?


I think it’s just coding for the fact that it will be presented as separate custom experiences under a banner that’s different from the main game. Kind of like the user-made downloadable levels in Ubi’s own Trials Fusion.

Because it’s user-made, the majority of them will no doubt be shorter smallish levels, but previous Far Cry editor output could get pretty complicated.


I didn’t have the sound on, but the impression I get is that this is a level editor like with Far Cry 2, but this time it can be used to build single player missions, coop missions and multiplayer stuff. And Ubisoft will regularly make maps for it in all those categories. And it’s also got some kind of layer with character creation and skins and such. So maybe they can put the lootbox portion of the game into this map editor.


Here is the trailer showing some of the season pass stuff. Daaaaaaaamn!


I think Mars should be a full game.