Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal



Yeh, I bet you are right. But like all groups of humans Christianity has its dark side. I don’t think that just because it’s Christianity that dark side should be taboo to portray as the villainous element of a game.


And it isn’t, since there’s going to be a mass market videogame about it. For other groups, blood would be shooting out of eyeballs right now.


Heck, we’ve already been through this.

Fortunately Nathan Grayson seems to be a little less sensitive this time.


Then I guess we agree. Upthread there was a link to some comments on another forum/site blasting the game for its portrayal of the dark side of Christianity and my comments were largely in reaction to those.


Fair enough. People talking past each other about some other group (real or imagined) they had in mind is normal for P&R topics, so it makes sense now.


Haha…yeah, sounds about right I suppose.


In response to my inane postings,

Less than a week after the GOP House voted to gut healthcare my oxygen provider told me they would not replace my broken portable tank, and have been cutting service and supplies to me since. I am Catholic, Paul Ryan claims to be Catholic, half my extended family refuse to vote for a Democrats because they don’t consider them “real Christians” citing Paul Ryan as their token example of s great christian who’s not afraid to speak out about his faith.

It took less than 7 days from the House GOP vote to start a ripple effect through the healthcare industry. Each day I load up my tank I wonder if this is the day my last tank gives up as it was already battered and beaten when provided. It is hard to not see life through an extremely jaded lens when the pack you wear on your back to breathe outside the home is a constant reminder that your life has no value to those in power.

I will do my best to lay off about this stuff, but it is really, really hard. Apologies to all.


Honestly @jpinard I agree with you completely on that stuff and I’m sorry how powerful a negative impact it has on your life. I often feel like a lot of the self proclaimed “Christians” in this country, especially in the GOP, were absent the day they went over “love thy neighbor” in Sunday School. I can’t believe that anyone who actually believes in the teachings of Jesus would behave in such a way.

Of course I personally know a good number if Christians who are truly excellent people and for whom the teachings of Jesus really do matter, and I’m sure there a many, many more like them in the world. Please don’t think I paint all Christians with this brush, but as I said before, there is a very dark side to Christianity and I think these hypocritical Christians are part of that.

I firmly believe that what makes a person a Christian is trying to follow the roadmap for life that Jesus laid out for people every day, not whether they go to church on Sunday.

Apologies for the rant.


I find all this discussion amusing.

If the three last Far Cry games are a clue, the game is going to be about conquering outposts, racing checkpoints, skinning animals, having a drug trip, climbing towers, mowing down baddies while a npc drives a vehicles, and other activities, while the story and settings are just backdrops.


I’m prepared to give Ubi the benefit of the doubt after Watch Dogs 2. They seem to have understood their games were getting too formulaic (and too similar to each other). They’ve taken their time with the new Assassin’s Creed, and I like the look of the setting and scenario for Far Cry 5.


They made a huge mistake here.

You could make a videogame about muslims killing christians in egypt, and some people will be angry, but nobody will feel hurt.

But making a game about religious groups in USA is going to burn some fingers.

Is the difference between using fire to warm you, and touching the fire. Ubisoft is touching the fire here.



Well, that promises to be interesting. Something about it (maybe being set closer to home) is extra scary but also extra compelling as a setting.


Interview with the creative director at USgamer: http://www.usgamer.net/articles/far-cry-5-creative-director-interview

Looks like they were going for the “Branch Davidian” vibe, deliberately characterizing the antagonists as a cult. They seem to be quite aware of the ground they are treading.


Hmm. Dunno. Nothing there didn’t say FC 3/4 reskin. I’m sort of ok with that but probably not for more than $20. We’re talking about Feb next year in any case.

Edit: The cult stuff seems very close to the FC3 bad guy, and not that different from FC4… Do they all have the same writer? And by nothing there I mean in the trailer - Off to read the interview now.


After the video I’m still amused, because even if it focused in the storyline and the snippets of gamplay were super short, I still saw the things I mentioned in my post before: hunting, racing and the typical ‘be the gunner while another character drives around’ mission (though it could be coop too):


They said the player character is a junior deputy. So I guess this will be the first Far Cry where you’re playing as law enforcement.


It’s the AAA gameplay business. The trailers are always story-heavy, no matter how light that story may be in the delivered product.