Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Ubisoft has posted their blog interview.


“I remember sort of this crushing weight. This feeling like the titans of the US and the Soviet Union could basically erupt, and that something catastrophic would happen,” says Executive Producer and Creative Director Dan Hay. “I remember growing up under that, and feeling the weight of it and being scared all the time. I remember watching movies like The Terminator or War Games, and it was sort of out there in the ether that people were feeling like we were on the edge of something.”

The feeling dissipated with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hay says, but wormed back to the surface in recent years, starting with the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. “I think about what people were feeling at those moments,” Hay says. “Where’s the government? Where are the people protecting our assets? Where are the people who are watching what’s going on? Where are the people holding the reins of this and protecting us?

“And I started to get that feeling back from when I was a kid, like maybe everything wasn’t perfectly safe,” Hay adds. “Maybe everything wasn’t properly managed.”[/quote]

The team also met people who seemed to pride themselves on their self-reliance (as well as a noticeable fringe element that helped inspire Eden’s Gate).

“We met a lot of people who didn’t want to be messed with,” says Hay. “They want to be left alone. And there was this feeling of being able to take care of themselves. And it created this sense of a frontier, and a remoteness, that really resonated with us. But what happens when somebody else shows up and says, ‘yeah, I agree with you, don’t trust the government, we can do it ourselves, and I will provide’?” All of a sudden you create this petri dish, this magnet for crazy, which is where Eden’s Gate goes.”[/quote]


As someone who adored all those trashy 70’s action flicks set in rural America, like Prime Cut, Vigilante Force, and Mr. Majestyk, I gotta say that trailer just pushes my buttons.


Loving the talk about the 80’s existential dread.


Yaaaawn. Skip until bargain bin for me, unless this turns out to be a significant revamp of the formula.


well, looks like Far Cry. Most likely a skip for me.


I thought the trailer looked great, and I’ll never bother to play this.


They should make the player be an ex-IRA terrorist. Remorseful for creating ISIS and teaching them everything they knew, and also waging a holy war on the benevolent British empire for no other reason than their religious beliefs, he/she moves to Montana to fight against the very thing he/she used to represent.

A story of redemption, of forgiveness, of sorrow… and of love in the big sky country


Sometimes a single malt scotch is what I need and other times a Sam Adams will do just fine. I’m looking forward to imbibing this, will let you know how much fun I’m having. :-P


I never ended up playing either FC3 or FC4, and the Montana setting really clicks with me so I’ll probably check this out unless it really turns into a disaster.


This is a 24 pack of Busch Light, and you know it!


Ha! Fair enough.


And sometimes you need an intervention, to get you into detox! ;)


I wouldn’t mind them turning the technology up a notch with good versions for the console refreshes and higher end PCs.


Really liked the teaser trailers - thought they made the engine look amazing and were simple and stylish.

The only way the game setting makes any sense to me (and there is no outside intervention, etc.) is that perhaps it is set after a global apocalypse or nuclear war, with this relatively isolated area being relatively unscathed, prompting a cult warlord to take over the remnants of the area.

Otherwise it seems like the most racist game ever made. Astonishing, really, and even sadder to see that being cheered.


How is it more racist as the previous iterations?


Theres this episodes of A-Team where they visit a town, and theres a guy that have everyone scared of him. And he is buying everybody land. Secretly theres oil/potable water/gold below all that terrain.

The thing is that he control all strings of power, and nobody can really raise a finger against him. Except Baracos, John Smith, Murdock and Templeton Peck.

Has A-Team lied to me?


I really do hope they have a good explanation. A town can’t just disappear in American and go unnoticed, unless they plan on saying the entire game happens over a weekend or something, even then it would be a real stretch.


I think the likely explanation that the Cult has ties people at every level locally on up to the state Senators. So that there’s no agent or agency that would turn an eye, or be allowed to turn an eye, in this direction.

Just like A-Team bad guys.


That would be immensely weak and not believable in the least. The press would pick up on it fairly fast and then there would be a huge media circus around it.

As far as A-Team bad guys, I can’t remember much about that because It was so long ago. I can’t buy into the bribe everyone at every level. You might as well say, some aliens are having fun have put a giant force field around the game-play area and just want to eat pop-corn and see what happens.


Yeah I’m pretty sure the Feds would notice at some point if nothing else. They’re not bribing the entire NSA/FBI/CIA as well as all of Congress and the White House.

Some sort of post-apocalypse scenario is the only thing that seems viable. Or at the very least some sort of massive national civil unrest that keeps the government from having time or resources to deal with/notice it.