Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Wait, we are expecting a realistic plot from a Far Cry game? Really?


Realistic? Nah. Remotely plausible? Yeah kinda.

I mean parts of Montana are pretty remote so they could maybe get away with it for a bit and have it be in the realm of suspension of disbelief, but it would be hard to buy for long. Throwing the time frame back to say the 80’s or even 90’s would help as well. Get cell phones out of the average person’s hands and you can more easily hand wave it away.


I can’t remember the last time I thought the sentence “I wish this was more plausible” while playing a video game.


Insert Homefront joke here.


You must not have played anything from Bioware recently.


It’s not like Montana is a home for the militia movement or…https://www.adl.org/education/resources/backgrounders/militia-movement

Oh right.
The dude i work next to is from Montana and he laughed all the way through the trailer. ‘Accurate’.


Yeah, there’s no way a cult would be able to control a town for any length of time. Totally unprecedented.


Me neither.

But this stuffed toy of Mr.T creeps me out.


Having spent a large portion of my life driving through the wilds of WY, NE, and SD for work, there were always rumors of these little cult towns. Where everyone was involved in some sort of religion and they don’t like strangers. It was all silly and far fetched, but this game instantly reminded me of that.


So… like Shadow of Mordor, except with “fanatical militia types” instead of Orcs?


Yeah… that is in no way similar to a scenario where they start murdering and torturing local residence without anyone noticing. Furthermore, the church’s actions have not gone unnoticed either. So that article is in no way a comparison to the idea presented in the Far cry trailer.


Ya know, they could have avoided any blowback from perceived attacks on any religion by making the bad guys just a cult very much like the Manson family. Yeah, he claimed he was a god, etc. along with getting hidden messages from the Beatles (I did a lot of reading on Manson at one time - it’s a fascinating, surreal story with his interactions with a lot of famous people!) but no one would take offense at a cult leader like him having anything to do with any mainstream or even offshoot religion.

As for this one, I’ll wait to judge until it comes out before I claim any outrage in a game where I shoot, knife, bow shoot, strangle, blow up, etc. hundreds of people for my gaming fun.


My biggest problem with The Long Dark is that i can’t just aim south and keep walking. Why walk into the snow?

The only way FC5 makes sense is there is going to be some kind of valley, through a tunnel, that doesn’t get cellular service or where the “wires are cut” in Hollywood parlance.


Or where reports are dismissed as fake news.


Worked for Tremors.

Their goal wasn’t to avoid blowback. It’s an intentionally provocative and timely premise.


I wonder how the gameplay will work with such (apparently) open space. Corn fields will be great to hide in, but probably not much fun to shoot people, since you’ll have to bump right into them, and then grass fields are tough on cover.


It looks like the game is set in the more mountainous part of Montana. I wouldn’t expect a lot of open spaces or cornfields.


Ah, I guess. The wide open fields around the town and church in the trailer threw me, made me think more of Iowa or Kansas.


@JonRowe posted the map above so I am just going by that.


You might want to click the link then :)