Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Lol, whoops, didn’t realize it was a joke.


I would assume they wouldn’t use the same map 3 times.


I just saw a map and assumed it was a real leak mapped. Only been skimming this thread since it’s been a downer.


If it’s Western Montana that would be kinda weird since that is where all the people live.

Eastern is more plausible since there is almost nothing out there, but it’s a lot flatter.


Sure, the west has more people but we’re still talking a large state with a population around a million people. Having visited Montana many times, even the west (especially the NW) you can travel 60+ miles and not see any towns, and that is highway driving. Get off the beaten path and it’s pretty desolate.


Laughter is the best medicine.


I imagine it will be a magical Montana with no relation to geography, but placed in the “East” to avoid butting heads with major population centers to make it remotely plausible.


The east would be really boring. Plains would not make an exciting game.

It is really easy to avoid population centers in all of Montana. You can drive down I-90 and avoid population centers. A tenth of the population is in Billings alone. There are your big cities, but you don’t have to drive far to get away from them, and once you do there isn’t a lot of civilization.

Having worked nukes in the AF (although I didn’t work at Malmstrom, I have been there a few times), there are lots of places in that part of the country where there are only miles and miles of dirt roads and the occasional farm. A town might be a store, church, and a bar. There isn’t any cell phone reception. The kind of places you don’t want to run out of fuel.

Sure its a bit far fetched, but it’s not that out there (and like I said above, there were always rumors of these crazy little cult towns). If you want to get away from people it’s not hard in that part of the country. There are neo-nazi camps out in the wilds of Idaho for instance.


For the record - looking forward to this game. I actually think it’s awesome that the religious extremists you will be fighting in this game are Christian extremists, and not the usual Islamic extremists. Both are terrible groups of people.


It’s amazing that half the Twitter replies don’t realize it’s fake. The caricature of the people it parodies is so real in their minds and the bubble they live in that they actually believe it.


Yeah, Poe’s Law kicked in hard on that one.


Is this just Call of Duty? I can’t think of any other examples, but I play so few mainstream games.


Actually, most of what I’ve seen has the mountains in the background, while the action has been in the flatland (which is where most people live). I suspect there is some of both. But people live in towns/farms and those are in flat areas by necessity for the most part.


So, I haven’t played any of the three most recent Far Cry games. Assuming I can only play one until I get bored by Ubistuff, which one would I go with? Is there something that 3 might have going over 4 or Primal?


4 or Primal are the way to go. These two do differ in that Primal is very much focused on melee and bows, while 4 is all about the shooty bits. I would expect 5 to be a lot like 4.


Well, that was more underwhelming than I believed.

Tag enemies with the binoculars as always, kill 2-3 stealthily with takedowns as always, kill the rest of the outpost to liberate it as always, the AI seemed to be exactly as before.
It has some minor novelties like the dog that can be used like in MGS4, or get help of npcs with different ‘skills’ that surely is going to be like a usable power every x minutes (the pilot gives you a bomb run, the girl is a sniper, etc) .


I wasn’t expecting a radical gameplay shakeup and I’m ok with that, but I am loving how they are channeling the existential dread of the 80’s. I’m going to play it just for that.


Yikes I just finished that video above and it looks like your allies are liberating an area with a nudie bar called “Spread Eagle”. That’s…uh…quite something.


Wait, is it actually set in the 1980’s?


No I think current times, but the lead designer is trying to channel the fear he felt as a child in the 80’s with the Cold War and global uncertainty. That’s used as inspiration but the game focuses on survivalists and modern day preppers.