Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


The developer can say he was inspired by the feelings he got in the 80’s, but I got zero of that in the various media we’ve seen for the game.


Thanks for the replies, guys. I watched that last video linked above, and did I hear right that the game won’t be released till late February?


Seems the later it is the less of a reskin it will be.




One hopes that it’s between members of the same species.


Polygoon kind of find issue in peculiar things.



Tom has to play this now!


Good god that man is abusing that fly rod and has no idea how to fish.


this is the only reason I want this game.

I kind of want to do a stream where I ignore all the shit and just go fish in all the places while all hell breaks loose around me


I hope there’s a fly tying mini-game.


“For some reason those wolves just ate a cow.”


You need five great white shark skins to unlock a trout fly.


I certainly hope you will not lay off this stuff. It’s very important; and I appreciate the window into your struggles.


Oh, man. How did I miss this?

“I like that the Far Cry worlds are just a little outside of the norm and allow me to tell very human, and very believable stories,” says Urban Waite, author of Far Cry Absolution. “I was excited to bring this fictional small town in Montana to life. And the fact that Ubisoft decided to build this world in the Northwest, and that it shared so much with my own past novels, meant I could hardly resist.”


Co-op trailer:


(Watched without sound).

That looks like a lot of fun. It’s not easy making fun coop sandboxes, but Ubisoft is finally getting good at it.


This game looks gorgeous! I never knew John Turturro moonlighted at Ubisoft.


That one guy in the video does look a lot like a young John Turturro.


Holy crap that looks beautiful. I wish it wasn’t a Far Cry game that was using this world. Has anyone seen anything that might shake up the usual Far Cry formula? Maybe a greater emphasis on exploring instead of icon following?


Fishing! Tom is gonna like this game!