Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Did the last one follow the same kind of story path of the last few? Basically you start off fighting some evil faction, and end up finding out the faction you have been fighting for is just as bad, if not worse than the one you were fighting all along. That part really turns me off. It is what killed my interest in far cry 4. After I got sick of those two assholes I was working for, I would have been glad to join Pagan Min’s army. I have no interest in replacing one tyrant with another.


The last one was Far Cry Primal, which of course had protagonists, but were set in 10.000 BC, and was pretty damn awesome , especially with Permadeath and survival mode enabled.
Basically, its an open world game set in the stone age where you can tame saber tooths and use them as pets - I say again…its pretty damn awesome!

As for Far Cry 5 - I kinda hope its not zombies, although it REALLY looks like it. That just seems kinda lame compared to Primal. I know we should probably wait and see what the game is really like, but there are so many great options for a Far Cry universe that setting in what is, besides WW2, the most used setting in games, just seems…lazy.


Is this Far Cry 5 or True Detective 3?


I wondered if they were going to go with a white nationalist enclave story, which would be awesome and very timely, but you’re right… it’s probably zombies. It’s always zombies. Nobody ever got fired for picking zombies.


I don’t think it’s zombies. I mean, I’d be fine with that, but I think it might actually be about survivalists.

edit: I base this on the dude running and getting shot and the fact that if I would be fine with zombies, it won’t be zombies. The Far Cry team is way too stupid to play safe.


Zombies would be a really weird change of direction for Far Cry. One of the hallmarks of the series has been its emphasis on enemies shooting at you. I guess you could have enemy post-apocalypse survivors to battle, but the flavor of the game would change a lot from previous entries.

I’m going to agree with @Jason_McMaster. I think it’s going to be survivalists or religious nuts. Or a combination.


Oh hey, good call. Maybe a “Red State” kind of thing.


Right wing wackos will cry foul, but the sad reality is that’s exactly what they want. Dissolution of norms so they can break out their guns and have at anyone who disagrees with their ideologies.


Yeah, but how would that work? Last time I checked, we still had law enforcement in this country. A series of firefights as in FC3/4 just wouldn’t make sense. But then again, NK invading and conquering the US didn’t make any sense, yet they made two games about that :)


Going by the teasers I am struggling to think of a plot that would make me want to play it.

It will be interesting to see come Friday what they have in mind. I hope I am pleasantly surprised.


Good question. The Far Cry massacre-an-army conceit works in fantasy Nepal, Uganda, or Pacific Island. Not so much in Smallville USA. I mean, you can certainly have a shootout in Beartooth, but after killing a thousand guys, someone is sure to notice Red Dawn in Shoshone.


You go, girl!


Montana, which boasts ludicrously gorgeous scenery (Heaven’s Gate), is a great choice for a setting. I’m looking forward to the full reveal, and I hope the full game features a Ted Turner cameo!


Please not zombies :(


They could do a unspecified post-collapse scenario. Troll everyone with the story- say that the USA finally elected an idiot, corrupt, incompetent President (aggressively never saying their name, and in fact using only genderless pronouns, so that both left- and right-wingers could read the other side into it), which led to the collapse of the economy. With no health care and the political sway of the powerful anti-vax lobby, a country-wide epidemic of diseases decimated the populace, starting with the military. Everything collapses, the world collectively turns its back on us. Montana becomes the new Congo.

But it’ll probably be zombies.


Left-wing fantasies sound a lot like right-wing fantasies, except you get to say “I told you so!” when the crazies attack you.

Maybe it will be set in modern day but they’ll tone down the random shootings so you don’t encounter one every 100 yards.

Nah, I don’t think so either.


The rumor that was sent to Giant Bomb and read on their podcast was about a group of fanatical militia types in a standoff with the US government where you play a covert operative sent in to destabilize their control on the region.


The Division meets Wildlands.


My first reaction was similar to @Scott_Lufkin’s. “Jesus. They’ve rolled out an awesome brand new engine! That water is incredible!”

After a closer look, I totally thought that the footage in Teaser #1 was lifted straight from “Legends Of The Fall”.

And Montana? I’m in.
Although militia-types may lead to boring stereotypes (which is kind of what they seem to be IRL). And kind of a narrow gameplay focus, since these types tend to stay in their small towns that they’ve taken over.

I’m trying hard to imagine something interesting they could do with such a concept that would remain interesting beyond a couple of hours. I live in ND, and every time these folks show up in the news around here, it’s the same old story: Fighting for their rights to buy up enough property in a town so they can take it over. It’s a bit scary, because they’ve succeeded from time to time, and have caused a great deal of trouble in those small areas. So yeah, it could be very interesting. I’m just having trouble imagining an entire game built around that idea. OTOH, small-scale gunfights can be good as well, and the real news has provided a number of tense scenarios over the years. Gordon Kahl comes to mind.


Maybe Montana gets invaded by North Korea? I mean, shoot, if it can happen to Philadelphia…