Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


I think you are reading waaayyy to much into peoples posts - At least into mine. I said the setting leaves me cold, and I have no interest in it. I don’t really think that qualifies as “shitting” - and I LOVE Far Cry 1, 2 and Primal, and Ubisofts game.
So there!


Primal was VERY different. For one - you had no vehicles in the game, meaning the game suddenly was a lot larger. Second - it let you have companions, in the form of animals. Thirdly, (And this is AFTER the last patch, I realize that) it added permadeath and a survival mode to the game, which suddenly made it the best Far Cry, and one of the finest open world games out there. All this is also aside the fact that it wasn’t any kind of modern setting, like all other Far Cry games had been set in so far.

Once again - So there!


Accelerationism had been unjust portrait in comic books, movies and graphic novels.

Hehe… I like the part with the stars. Very american. I think this will be a popular game if is well made, people love USA.


We haven’t seen anything from the game yet.


edited because my joking was coming across a little dick’ish, so to speak!


I’m just joking, though I am curious how long they can keep this formula going. It’s weird because for some reason it feels more blatantly formulaic than, say, Assassin’s Creed.


They have to get their Far Cry cynicism out of their system early before it becomes too passé and mainstream.


Ok, not seeing anything about a game except for a bland trailer that doesn’t show gameplay, and you’re out. Seems a pretty good argument to me. Fine you don’t like Far Cry games or the setting, this one could mix things up, we don’t know much yet.


[quote=“peacedog, post:100, topic:129895, full:true”]Or let me put this another way: if this is yet another game where I have to collect critter gall bladders to make wallets while shooting the enemy and taking his towers so I can shoot more of the enemy and take more of his towers until I paint the lands with the color of FREEDOM I mean no more enemies, isn’t this particular skin just a cheap attention grabber and nothing more?

No, no towers, just church steeples :)


Okay, for some reason you seem unable to read what I actually write, and just respond to whatever you think I might have written. Thats not getting us anywhere, so - HAVE FUN!


I’m laughing. Thanks for the chuckle, sir.

Conversely, you go, girl, and all that.




There’s a pretty big difference between Point Lookout, Outcast 2, or even Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and this, I think. With the latter two, you literally have supernatural events cushioning any association with real-life fundamentalists, and with Point Lookout, you’re talking about a post-apocalyptic fantasy.

I think we all know Far Cry 5 will be the typical Far Cry power fantasy explode-'em-up shooty game. I doubt Ubisoft will actually do a deep dive on Christian fundamentalism or even dip into bigotry in any more than a superficial way.


You said I was using a bad argument. I would quote it, but you deleted it. As you said yourself, you sounded “dickish” so you’re surprised I read it that way?


How did they know wolverine scrota are my favorite thing, right? ;-)


Holy shit. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!

Sadly, I predict the backlash will be such that Ubisoft changes course to some degree.


Meh. Not the kind of catharsis I need or want.


I’m not against it in principle, but I’d rather see it treated with some subtlety as in Far Cry 2’s story instead of that of FCs 3 and 4. Also, enough with the freaking crafting already. But I know it’s very unlikely that either of those things will happen. I’m guessing the main villain will be pretty much a caricature and buffoon rather than a menacing figure, otherwise the backlash and boycotts (in the US anyway) will be fierce. The non-generic underlings also need to be portrayed with some empathy, to maybe give people an understanding of why certain people are attracted to cults and such. This is of course much harder to do in a game than in a movie or something.


Because video game boycotts are sooo effective…

Let’s be frank, they have chosen this subject because they know it will amount for free marketing (a lot of it) and probably they’ve made their calculations and projected that actual lost sales will be compensated by higher exposure (and I suspect higher sales in non US territories too).

Which is not to say the villain won’t be a caricature. He will, as will the game as all recent Far Cries are (and I think for the better). But they are obviously not hiding away from polemic.

Although… This has probably been in development from far further back than last summer. I wonder how much has changed in view of recent events…


Maybe we play the guy with the wolf? That would be cool. I wonder if there’s an element of enslavement in it which will make it easier to view them as the bad guys. David Koresh and his like are pretty darn evil used brainwashing, control, rape to subdue those in the compound around him.

The first paragraph of wiki on him is menacing:

Koresh came from a dysfunctional family background and claimed to be a Christian in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He joined a splinter group that was based at the Mount Carmel Center near Waco, Texas; the cult took the name “Branch Davidians”. Here he competed for dominance with another leader named George Roden, until Roden was jailed for murdering another rival. Koresh was then accused of statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl, apparently with her parents’ consent, a relationship that he sanctified as a ‘spiritual marriage’.

I mean, eeek. Read the wikipedia entry on him and it reads like a storyline straight out of the Far Cry universe.