Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Koresh is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Tyler, Texas in the "Last Supper" plot/section.

My money is this is a fictionalized version of David Koresh with modern day elements mixed in hence the image Telefrog posted. There is the bride at the supper which may represent his forced/brainwashed wives etc.



I would rather play as a redneck mowing down gangs in urban America. I’m tired of having to stare at lush countrysides in Far Cry games.


I wouldn’t worry about the game being “controversial” in any way. The Assassins were basically terrorists that bred chaos and fear in an otherwise stable empire full of commerce and peace. Ubisoft managed to make a series about them where they’re the good guys. And I’m fine with that. They managed to make a game set in New York about killing hobos, but in a way that everyone is fine with it (The Division).

The Far Cry games are a little more edgy, I suppose, since Far Cry 2; where you discover that there are no good guys. I suspect this will be the same. If you’re going in to try to stop this cult, then if you’re working for the government, I’m sure you’ll eventually discover that the government is evil too.


i want a far cry game where you can shoot trump voters!


Isn’t that what Far Cry 5 is?


I’ll pay $250 for this game if all the enemies wear MAGA hats.


It will be an open world First Person Shooter and knowing the evolution of Ubisoft games in the last years, with even more emphasis on coop sandbox. You will visit enemy outposts and you will clear them.
The Division setting was already stupid but that didn’t impede millions of people playing it.


I’m fine with this. I’m tired of people turning a blind eye to Christian terror groups while simultaneously vilifying Muslim and Islamic terror groups along with innocent Muslim and Islamic people. Religous extremist groups committing acts of terrorism should all be treated as the threat to public safety they are and I see no reason why Christian terror groups should receive some sort of free pass of any kind.

As for more Far Cry, I’m not sure I care these days, but I don’t think the games are really “for me”.


That’s a good point. Are they going to keep pushing the co-op side. It might be nice if this stayed as the single player series, with Wildlands for Coop and Division for Multi-mingle-whatever that’s called.


I’m awaiting the Ammon Bundy Wildlife Refuge standoff DLC. Might be a preorder incentive.


Is interesting that you can make a videogame about the country USA, and it feels fresh for some reason. As if no videogame or movie used USA has the background (or maybe sort of a protagonist).

Is of course false, many movies happen in USA, to USA people. We even have whole videogames like the GTA, that happen in american cities.

Perhaps theres a way to describe and show USA that is how a tourist would see USA. USA see from fresh eyes, not from the eyes somebody that live there.

One of my spies traveled to USA recently, and he made a lot of photos (of course, thats why you sent spies!) It really surprised me, and I feelt slightly betrayed by mass media, that the USA of the photos was not the USA of the movies or TV series.

  • USA is fucking big. My spies found chipmunks that where not scared of humans, because they have never meet one!!. Even in some cities there where a few chipmunks going around. USA is still a wild place there the human foot is on a corner on the room.
  • Theres no a single USA but many. But the USA citizens work extra hours to enforce the illusion that theres only one USA. USA citizens with a bible in one hand and a USA flag in the other are trying to convince themselves, the neighborhood and other people that theres only One USA. Perhaps deep down, USA citizens don’t believe it.
  • USA is a fucking beatiful place with amazing wild nature.

Of course, they can still make a videogame that is generic as hell. But then, why choose this setting? I think you choose a setting because you believe you can make something interesting with it.


That would fit well with Ubisoft’s slightly fascist game designs: we could wait this out for a month with a standoff, but instead we’re sending you in to kill everyone.


Maybe someone will mod in MAGA hats. But how would we all react if FC5 had us attacking “liberal college campuses,” killing SJW’s and foreign kids?

FC5 seems a bit too close to reality already. I wish they’d made it a post-collapse scenario, or otherwise given it one more remove from the evening news.


I don’t think you’ll need to worry there. I know that the FMV live action shots are making this feel too close to real life and situations, but believe me, once you see footage in-game, I’m going to bet your brain will immediately let go of that, and it will feel very removed from the evening news.


I doubt that you will be working for the govt. That’s not been their MO in these games. I suspect either you’re just a person whose car broke down in Hope County and you get tangled up in things, or perhaps you have a relative who has joined the cult and you go to visit them to get them out. Or maybe you even join, and then are repelled by what is happening.


Farcry 2 is one of my all time favorite games. Three was fun, but felt like a step backwards in a lot of ways. Four just felt like 3.5 to me, but Pagan Min was interesting enough that I pushed through and finished the game. Primal was a breath of fresh air and while I haven’t finished it, I enjoyed what I’ve played so far. We’ll need to see more of course but so far this is just not doing it for me.

The one sticking point in my head is that there is nowhere in the US where the things that are going to happen in this game (constant firefights, explosions etc etc) would go unnoticed. At least in all the other games you’re in either very remote areas of the wrold with little in the way of Government control or areas completely controlled by the bad guys government. Much easier to just settle into the fantasy of it all, while I just can’t reconcile this one so far.


Well, it’s not like Ubi didn’t know how popular killing a bunch of Branch Davidians was back in '93. Know your market, find a need and fill it.


The GTA games have always seemed to be what Brits think happens in american cities that they have never been to, but they did watch some cool “urban” movies a while back . . .


I strongly suspect that if “Christian terror groups” were as real as you are suggesting, Ubi wouldn’t have the balls to do a game about shooting them. Pretty sure they aren’t worried about getting the Charlie Hebdo treatment any time soon because of FC5.