Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


I was pretty sure the IRA was about Irish Independence and not Christianity?


A little bit off topic, but the Catholic/English Church divide was certainly one of the drivers of that conflict.


Sure, I can see that, but I’ve never seen the take that Christianity was the reason for the conflict.


Perhaps, but it’s not really relevant unless you have evidence that this is largely coming from Trump’s Christian followers. Are right wing Christian militias responsible for this? Do you have such evidence?




It was Catholic vs. Protestant. They tried very hard to only attack Protestant zones, so it was at its very core a religious battle. And this dates back to the resentment Northern Ireland had being taken over by a Protestant nation since there were fewer opportunists for Catholics vs. Protestants and some resettling of Protestants into Catholic areas. Additionally resentment to a feeling of not being represented fairly in the affairs of the government. In fact, it is eerily similar to the same thing that has been going on with Israel and Palestine.


I lived through the troubles, my city was bombed by the IRA and my family is half English half Irish (in the Republic) . Respectfully my ask is that folks don’t speculate about it unless you were there. Honestly some of these comparisons are just completely wrong.


That was a conventional war. The Sultan was funded by western powers who were not fond of the Hapsburgs, too.


I really had no idea. I would never mean to hurt anyone who has been touched by such horrible events.

This is why I don’t argue with people on Quarter to Three.


Tell your friend that at least on the marketing side, the art release is doing Ubisoft right.


Not at all sir. You are all good. I love you guys and I know everyone means the best.


Jeff, don’t worry! We’re not forgetting how awful Christians are. We’ll hold on tight to that guilt and never forget it. I know how important that is for you.

However, we’re talking about mainstream acceptance of sensitive subjects in entertainment. And the reason the mainstream will ultimately accept Far Cry 5 – and there will be lots of grumbling, and some people will skip it, but no devastating outrage – is precisely because the caricature is decades removed from reality and it’s relatively safe to use for fantasy.


True that. Hey, I remember they original FarCry included a horrible hawaiian-ish t-shirt. White, with red stains.



It’s not the tactics, it’s the goal. Restoring the caliphate is ISIS’s stated goal. They aspire to be a government, they issue their own currency in taken territories. That they are now taking credit for the terrorism that Al Queda (sp?) was doing is simply continuing what they consider to be the fight against the infidels. Which ends only when they are all dead, submitted, or converted.


Definitely has spurred some conversations.


Ah, this reminds me of my favorite dialog from the original Far Cry.




Sadly is not the best t-shirt for stealth combat.


We can endlessly debate the prevalence of Christian terror groups, but fact is, Planned Parenthoods get bombed and people are attacked by Christian fundamentalist groups. These are by definition terror attacks. It’s wildly unpopular in the US to link these acts to Christianity the way we link terror groups to Islam or Muslim faiths, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cut from the same cloth.

Using religion to polarize the populace against a group is the oldest trick in the book. Islam and a Muslim faiths on the whole are no more responsible for terror attacks than Christianity is, yet no one bats an eye when these groups are vilified in media. Yet when the shoe is on the other foot and Christianity gets cast in a negative light people cry foul.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I hate double standards like this.


A great many eyes would be batted if Islam were chosen for Far Cry 5 in 2017.


I don’t blame Islam or Muslims for terror attacks, and - while I can’t speak for anyone but me - I think a lot of people here feel the same way.