Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito and guns, guns, guns

You wonder how much setup an Ubishooter could need. Petey seemed to cover it all above :)

IMO it’s cool that they’re turning Far Cry into a roguelite, even though that’s not anything I personally have any interest in playing, but I question their judgement in releasing three of them.

I grabbed this for 20 bucks the other day and I’m enjoying my time with it thus far. Just got through what I assume is the tutorial island.

Gotta say, it’s nice to finally be able to holster my weapon, purely for the aesthetics of the whole thing. Not being constantly attacked by enemies is a plus, too.

I wonder if this’ll be the first FC game I actually complete. Probably not, but at least I’m not frustrated as hell after 4 hours like I was with FC5.

Also, I like riding horseys!

Out of curiosity, was that 20 dollar price from the EGS with the $10 off coupon?

No, it was $20 at Gamestop. That was enough to get me to the mall during a lunch break.

Physical media? From brick and mortar stores? What is this, 1998?

God I wish.

And when you want to watch a show, you have to wait a week for an episode!

I have to say that this season pass content has been pretty bad so far. As a one-off experiment, sure. Why not? But all three DLCs like this? Ugh.

Wasn’t the FarCry 5 season pass also shit? I never bothered to get it.

My knees are still shot and I need to lose like 20 pounds. Dammit! You got my hopes up for a second.

Far Cry 5’s season pass was pretty good. You got a mission on Mars, a mission in Vietnam, and a zombie mission. Each one had gameplay that was a little different, but not crazy far off from the main game.

I wouldn’t mind one of this season pass DLC being the experimental run & gun poor man’s roguelike, but all three of them being this sucks.

Immortal Fenix experimented with its season pass content too, but with only one of the DLC’s which turned it into an isometric ARPG. It wasn’t very good, but it was just one piece out of the three, so it was kind of a neat way to give you MOTS and try something a little different.

So that’s really what this turned out to be? Different villains, each with the same basic rogue-like structure set on the Far Cry 6 map? Surely there’s something interesting distinguishing them from each other?

Ah, yes, thanks for the reminder about how good that DLC was. In addition to varying gameplay, I also liked their varying tones. The Mars stuff was a straight up comedy and I recall it played directly to some of Far Cry 5’s best writing. And I loved the “Behind Enemy Lines” vibe of the Vietnam DLC. Way to make me want to reinstall!

Ugh, this reminds me I have yet to try any of Fenix’s DLC. Pretty lame of me, considering it was my favorite game that year.


Indeed, it’s really weird that they chose to make all three DLCs roguelites. From what I’ve seen they have essentially identical gameplay, but the narrative diverges based on each villain’s inner demons.

Vaas is all about his sister taunting him and being afraid of the fratboy protagonist, Pagan Min is secretly gay or bi and has daddy issues, and Joseph Seed isn’t out yet but I’m sure it’ll have apocalyptic/biblical Revelations type stuff.

These aren’t low effort throwaway DLCs. They built tons of assets for each one, each has a different map, they aren’t set in pieces of FC6 faux-Cuba, they brought back the original voice actors, etc. But they share the same roguelite gameplay and it’s tough to imagine most people wanting to play that thrice.

I know the feeling.

Assuming that you bought a console version, since I very much doubt GameStop is carrying PC games these days. If so, does it have good HDR?

I’ll pick it up if I see it at 20 or less, because I like what I’ve seen.

Sheesh, it’s not enough that @Telefrog has me thinking of reinstalling Far Cry 5, but now frickin’ @stusser is making me want to play Far Cry 6 DLC?


My suggestion is to wait for the Joseph Seed one to release, ask people which of the three is the best, and then play that one. Unless you feel up to doing it three times, I guess. Story stuff will be on YouTube anyway.

So what was the overall opinion of FC6 here?

I don’t think it’s out yet, is it? Either that or it wasn’t very memorable.


Same as everywhere, it’s another Far Cry game and if you feel like playing a Far Cry game then Far Cry 6 is definitely a Far Cry game.