Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito and guns, guns, guns

It was a weird step to go from human and animal companions in FC5 and New Dawn to just animals. Seemed like a regression to me. I would have doubled down on companion dialog and actions.

Unless I’m misremembering :)

Please no one used the humans in FC5, everyone went for Cheeseburger, and rightly so. ;)

I didn’t - I went for old lady sniper and young lady archer :)

Oh man you missed out. ;)

I’m reminded here of that great early episode where Homer attempts to pull an Evel Knievel over the Springfield Gorge, and of course fails miserably. Then the ambulance comes and…

I did as well - There is more stealth in that game, than in any newer AC games.

I would love to see them go back to something like Far Cry Primal again next iteration. Or as someone on reddit mentioned, a medieval setting, akin to Assassin’s Creed, first person style. But with all the medieval weapons and whatnot.

Or an Ancient Rome setting. :)

Especially since the dialogue with the companions was some of the best writing in Far Cry 5. I guess animals sidekicks are cheaper because you don’t have to pay voice actors or writers.

Right? Something that bold and different, please!


Far Cry: B’More.

Set in 2003-era Baltimore, you play stick-up man Omar Little. After your lover is cruelly murdered, you hunt down the drug kingpins to steal their money, their drugs, and take their lives.

All in the game, yo.

There’s a great first person mod for Wildlands now that basically makes it drug busting Far Cry.

OK, I finished my first Far Cry game ever. I really dug my time with this one, for the most part. I did have issues with the lack of consequential gear and weapons after, say, the first “real” area (Madrugada). I was basically using the same 2 pistols and trusty shotgun for 3/4’s of the game. Speaking of weapons, I gotta say that managing them was a total pain in the ass. I swear that FC5 gave the ability to bring up the weapon wheel and then arrow left or right within a particular slot to bring up different choices. That would have been welcome in FC6 instead of having to plunge through the menus to get to the arsenal just to swap out my rifle for a shotgun or sniper rifle in Slot 2.

I liked the fact that I didn’t really feel pressured to clear out areas, checkpoints, or air defense guns except for it to be a convenience to me. Like, there wasn’t a “Libertad Loyalty Meter” to fill up, or anything like that. After finishing up Madrugada, I pretty much ignored these unless I came across them naturally.

The story was fine, mission design was decent – with the exception of the tail end of the El Este operations. Those got a little redundant.

Side note: Just once, I’d like to see a character that DOESN’T have tattoos. Seriously, pretty much everyone in this game both younger and older than me were all tatted up.

I want “Far Cry the Trash Bandit Saga”. You play as a racoon who ransacks neighborhoods out to conquer the world of humans. You get a human gimp and meth addicted possum as your side-kick companions.

Actually I just heard Anthony Gallegos (chufmoney on Twitch) on a recent episode of the RebelFM podcast talk about playing a game where you’re a racoon breaking into and effing up people’s houses.

EDIT: Just looked it up and it was the episode from 1/14 and the game is called Wanted Racoon.

Agreed completely. Also, if you can’t just carry different ammo, they should get rid of gun specific setups for specific ammo. I didn’t like that mechanic at all. And having to escape out, select something I forgot, get back in, etc was just … painful.

My wife was a bartender. Everyone there was younger than her, it’s damn near the norm. Not saying it isn’t overdone, it is, but yeah. We’re gettin’ old.

I loved the crude hover flyer thing as well as the car that flew. Those were cool additions to the very normal and generic car #67 and truck #23. I also liked being able to call in your car for a reload in the middle of nowhere when you needed it.

It seems like they poured their creative ability into the supremos versus the weapons themselves. There were some good ones, but like you said, you get one you have upgraded and then end up using them the rest of the game because it’s a pain in the ass to switch to something new and do all that over.

I still haven’t finished but the land and missions were fun, some unique. I missed more of the characters from FC5 and to be honest, ended up not really giving a shit about anyone in FC6.

And for all of their different abilities, the first Supremo is the go-to simply because of how often a helicopter shows up and how easily those rockets will dispatch it. The only other one I messed with was the poison one that turned enemies against each other. It wasn’t nearly as useful.

I hated the Supremos. I thought the concept was dumb, the humor sophomoric (and I’m usually a sucker for stupid jokes), and the tactical utility of most of them questionable. I loved the alligator and Boomer, and the quest to get the chicken (but not the chicken as an amigo). I thought the weapons in general were a hot mess. The fancy uniques were either no better than or worse than what you could cobble together on your own, the different traits or abilities for the upgrades were usually uninspired, and once you got a good setup, which you could do very early in the game, there was nearly no reason to change.

That being said, it was a fun time overall but unlike the other FCs, I’ve not been back to this one and have no interest in the DLC I’ve seen so far.

I just got Ubi+ for Far Cry 6 and I was wondering which edition it is? I can’t figure it out. I assume it’s the basic edition, which is fine, but then I see that a banner that says Ubi+ comes with the Ultimate Edition.

Ubi+ has everything Ubisoft ever made, include all DLC for all games that they have available. So yes, Far Cry 6 should be the edition with all the DLC.

Last few times I’ve used it, they had the basic edition at least for newer games. Maybe it changed. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.