Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5


Looks like Rage 2 with all the pink.

… and where’s the PC version?


Never played the series, but gotta love a crossbow that shoots circular saw blades.


Unreal Tournament can never die.

Just realised AC Odyssey attempts to seduce Elder Scrolls fans and this is Ubisoft batting their eyelashes at the Fallout? Rage? markets. Bethesda might be tugging at their collars nervously about now :)


I hope Cheeseburger made it through the apocalypse.


Hope they don’t use the exact same map like Primal. It’s an eleven month dev time, assuming they didn’t have a separate team working on it.


I never understood the big deal with Primal though. The world looked completely different even if it had a similar layout and no one even noticed until someone put images of the two maps overlaid on top of each other.


I don’t why they wouldn’t use the same map. It’s even supposed to be the same place.


According to the Eurogamer preview, it is the same map.

So yeah, I guess that’s Ubi’s strategy now. Every 3-4 years, a major Far Cry release, then a year later a rehash of the same game, same map, different setting.


It’s pretty amazing.

I was playing it for a while recently and it’s great. Of course it’s Fallout 4 so eventually that wears off, but until that point it was fun as heck.


Hmm. So play this or FC5 itself. Main game will probably cost less then this when it comes out.


FC5 had horrible main story, but stuff around it was mostly good, the world beautiful and atmospheric and god damn that soundtrack. I can recommend it.
I still listen to this stuff when I feel like visiting heaven for a while


If you like that kind of ambient, ethereal post rock, you have a lot of bands to choose from.



I haven’t played Far Cry 5, but one time @tomchick was streaming Spintires, and he put on this beautiful song. I had to stop whatever else I was doing on my desktop and just listen for a while. At the end, I was asking on the stream what that song was, and it turns out it was a song from Far Cry 5.


Most likely this:

It’s a beautiful piece of music.



FarCry 5 is cheap(ish) atm == you all figure it’s worth it to jump in and shoot some Montana crazies --secretly waiting for the post-apocalypse and now that I heard that great song – sucking up to the music?


Please fix co-op in this so that the co-op partner gets credit for quests, not just the leader.


But it’s got different looking planets and trees…

Maybe they will let you catch mutant two headed fish.


It takes place 17 years later so presumably anyone who didn’t die in FC5 is probably still alive. Hell, you’re probably part of Joseph’s coven.

Also, never forget that Far Cry 5 is the worst Far Cry ever.


After immensely enjoying Far Cry 5 I immediately pre ordered this one. Too bad the soundtrack probably can`t keep up even close with the one from FC5. Oh the Bliss!