Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5


The advancement system, split between ethanol and challenges for perks, is pretty decent. There are also raw materials you need for high-end stuff, which can only be achieved through Expeditions or Outpost recaptures on higher levels. I think overall it works better than most FC games, in that I’m still working to get all the weapons I want to use, or get upgrades for them. I do think that the final set of battles seems to be gated somewhat by level of gear/companions, and by choice of companions, but it’s not well communicated.


So finished it. Dunno if I will prowl around and try to get all the unlocks (photos, music, that last spring or gear from some obscure place) or not. The final two fights were tough, though the penultimate one was kind of fun with the right gear. The final one, not so much, just sort of a “take a club, hit Wrath, and whack” sort of thing. The ending though does do a good job of wrapping up one of the loose ends from FC 5 (well, if you choose to go that route).

Overall, very nicely done, very entertaining, and makes me want to replay FC 5 sort of, except I will I’m sure resent the lack of the improvements from 5.5.


I wonder if Tom might consider non-request Friday with this game.


For what it’s worth I answered my own question above. Apparently there are mods for FC5 and one of the most recommended is one that affects resistance points, my biggest gripe with FC5.

I think due to that I may replay it after New Dawn.


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten ethanol from scavengers. Other items (duct tape, springs, etc), sure. But not ethanol. Air Drops are a decent supply tho, and happen fairly often.


Supply drops always spawn the crate around 100m away from you, so they’re super easy to intercept. I often get to shoot the Highwaymen turning up after I’ve already looted it.


As I’m sitting at work this morning I was humming Hold On, I’m Coming and realized it was because I heard it in Far Cry. Strangely, New Dawn has an eclectic but decent number of good tracks in it.


Ooh, cool.Have to try that…


Damn right it does. Duke duke duke , duke duke duke, Duke of EARL…

Finished up the story. Overall my 2nd favorite Far Cry. I disliked the Lou and Mikey fight, it just felt lazy, I was sad they didn’t give them a cool new location to have the fight at. Anyway as it was mentioned above if you have maxed out your companions to elite, Horatio becomes the mvp of the entire game. :p

SPOILERS for the last 2 missions…

I killed Mickey and then eventually also Joseph , after all the shit I went through in FC5 and now New Dawn, they both deserved to die.


I killed Mickey, largely because it wasn’t totally clear I had the option not to, but I would have anyhow. Despite their poor upbringing, they were so soaked in blood and savagery that it was like putting down a rabid dog. Joseph, though, I was cruel to. I let the fucker live with his guilt. Hearing him scream “Release me!” over and over again as I walked away was worth it.


Sooo. I’m trying to make the call to finish or not. But right now, this far in the game I JUST NOW learned you can upgrade both guns, and you can upgrade some perks multiple times.

Honestly I have no idea how I missed seeing the “Upgrade” while in the menus, but once I had the guns and skills I just ignored that stuff nearly entirely. I guess the good news is I have a ton of perk points and resources to spend on upgrades.


Thanks for pointing that out! I’d also missed the multiple perk thing until now. I’m probably about halfway through, so it’s a good time to become aware of it.

Don’t seen any weapon upgrade function beyond the 3 levels (4 if you include elite), I assume you meant that, right?


Once you get the elite-level weapons. you can upgrade them individually for extra damage. But you can only do that w/ elite-level weapons.


I had no idea.


They desperately wanted to avoid the problem endemic to every previous far cry game since 3, where you can get the best weapons in the game a couple hours in and then basically never upgrade ever again. FC:ND is all about offering a progression path.


I could have sworn I had one blue level weapon I could upgrade as well, but yeah it was mostly just the elites I was playing with anyway.

There aren’t many perks to upgrade but surely ammo, breath, and the general single skill for the recharge speed of the perks you get after going north. Very worth it. Hell I’m carrying 100’s of ammo now and able to sprint and use the sniper scope for a hell of a long time.


Confirmed, it looks like even level 2 weapons can be upgraded. That might help with a strategy to defeat the toughest mode if any of you are doing that.


Wow, this is already available for 50% off on Steam. Twenty bucks is pretty tempting but I’m still working my way through Far Cry 5.



I am a wee bit pissed it’s already discounted so much. Not even 4 weeks after release. Guess my own fault for buying at release. Lesson learned.


I grabbed it at the discount and am enjoying it immensely, so much better than 5. I hope they learn from this game for the inevitable Far Cry 6.