Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5

Yeah, I loved both FC5 and New Dawn, but @Paul_cze is spot-on: take a break between them. They are similar enough to each other that you won’t appreciate the crucial differences and story beats without I think a little distance.

I just loaded up New Dawn a couple days after finishing Far Cry 5 - good lord is this game gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what Ubisoft does with Far Cry 6 next gen

Whatever they do, I hope the ending is better than Far Cry 5’s was. It’s a little less terribad what with New Dawn, but still…

The story in FC 5 struck me as a (failed, but ambitious) attempt to rework the tropes of the genre, by messing with your sense of agency and making you question the efficacy of violence as the ultimate solution. It didn’t work, not very well, but I like to think it was at least an attempt to do something different. I actually appreciated it up to a point.

That point was the total shitshow of the final battle followed by the total clusterfuck of the story denouemeent.

The epilogue is the most amazing example of story being undermined by the expectations of the player. Gotta let players play in the sandbox forever regardless of whether or not it makes any sense with the ending we gave them!

Yes, they didn’t have the courage of their convictions to actually carry through with their grand experiment (if that is what it was). They wimped out.

There’s probably a belief in Ubisoft somewhere in deepest artistic commitment and autership, and those guys grit their teeth and carry on thinking this time.

Meanwhile the B Movie contingent are like - we’re on a roll! Next! - loving their lives.

I hope they bring back towers, as dumb as it sounds, I missed the climbing puzzles. And yeah the prepper stashes were sorta fun, but not the same.

You also got grappling :)

Be quiet you . NO-ONE wants those damn towers back. Especially those of us with heigth anxiety, so - NO thank you, EVIL!

I really, really enjoyed this game - even more the second time around, when I played it coop all the way through with my GF. Some of the cutscenes in both this and FC5 were brutal, and not really something I have seen before in video games, but I actually enjoyed the story.

I know Ubisoft gets a lof of flak on these boards, but for my money, they actually try to iterate, and do new things - And they aren’t going completely evil with their monetezations, which is also great.

I love me some grappling. Don’t know why, but I just love the mechanic.

Though one of my colleagues who posts here sometimes is famous in our Game Studio for hating grappling hooks…

I like it too - you’d think the limited grapplable points would take out the fun, but it’s still a nice little system.

Amen. I really like what Ubisoft does. They’ve taken up the old Origin mantra (not in fact but in spirit) of “We Create Worlds”.

Now, if I ONLY played Ubisoft games, I’d get tired of them too, despite their changes and iterating. But since I mix up Ubisoft games with other games, and skip some entries, coming back to a series, for example after loving Far Cry 2, but not liking Far Cry 3, coming back to Far Cry: New Dawn was amazing. It felt way better, and very different from FC3.

Yeah and only an idiot would play every single ubigame.

Ahem :)


Eh… cough Just btw, when will Far Cry 6 get released again?

Not too far from Valhalla and Legion I expect :-)

Still no word about it at all, so I doubt it will be this year, though. Legion is next year as well, right?

I’ve never played the Watch Dogs games, are they any good?

Yup - very much so. They are open city games.

The last one suffered a bit from schizophrenia though, in that it really didn’t know what it wanted to do, and what the main character should be like.
Its still very much worth playing - Personally, I like the gameplay from the first one best, but the city from the second one the most!

I have very low tolerance for bad vehicle physics and the first Watch Dogs is almost unplayable for me. Plus the main character is a creep. Plus Chicago isn’t as well realized as I would like compared to the real Chicago. Plus the missions are boring.

I would not recommend it. I would recommend the second game though. I only played through the prologue so far, and explored virtual San Francisco a little bit, and it’s better on nearly all fronts. Better main character, better City, better physics, better missions.