Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5


Wait, do we get a Jan Hammer soundtrack? Pastel suits? Cigarette boats? I’m in!


That would make me buy this, someday at least.

FC5 had amazing soundtrack though. ND was done by Brian Tyler so no idea if it is good.


People seem shocked that FC5.5 is a far cry game, like they expected an off-year FC game to really shake things up.


Who are these “people”? I havent’ seen anything indicating any sort of surprise.


Every review says “yeah, it’s just a far cry game”.


Or in the case of that Eurogamer review “this is the best Far Cry game”.


Not sure how its possible, but it looks even more Visually Stunning than FC5 did.

Maybe it is the added pink. (Screens borrowed from ResetERA user GJ’s post).

I am still getting drugged by Faith in FC5, but I can’t wait to progress right into New Dawn afterward.


You might be an even bigger Ubifan than I am :)


I have it preloaded, and look forward to playing some this afternoon/evening. The idea of the Montana setting, Far Cry mechanics, and no craptastic whack-job kidnapping cutscene stuff is alluring.


I’m generally not in favor of yearly releases, but Ubisoft manages to produce really neat off-year Far Crys. Blood Dragon, Primal, and now New Dawn are all worthwhile titles in their own right.


Keep the comments coming. I don’t get home from vacation until Tuesday, and am living vicariously through you guys.


$34 at GMG.


Ubigames plummet in price. This will be more or less free within a year.


Not always true, it took a lifetime for Far Cry Primal to finally hit $10 last year.


Yeah, Ubigames go down to 50% pretty fast, but they stay at a certain threshold for a long time. They go down to that price every sale, but take a long time to go below that.


Right, FC5 didn’t go to <$25 until last month, and $20 until this month. Generally when the next one is about to come out, the previous entry drops.


The thing is, for me, if I have time to play it now I’m okay spending $40 instead of waiting three months to pay $25. Waiting something like 90-180 days to play a game I want in order to save the cost of dinner just doesn’t seem like a good tradeoff to me. You never know when the bus will get ya.

To each their own though, obviously. :)


Is it less interrupty and more playable for coop?
Fc5 was fine solo, but coop suuuucked because of the continual interruptions and unskippable cutscenes.


It’s good fun. The world is alive with bandits and critters and plenty of interesting places to explore. But you DO still have to get past the first 30 minutes of garbage cut-scenes and running around with bullets flying, explosions, and burning fire before you can enjoy the freedom of open-world Montana.


RPS’s WOT is up:

In other words, this is the best Far Cry yet. But let’s get our bearings.

It’s the most visually interesting setting I’ve seen Far Cry tackle.