Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5


…as I just found out, and, oy, more whackjobs. But if that’s just the price of entry, I can dig it.


Rock Paper Shotgun used to have really good writing, but now it has:

New Dawn takes place seventeen years after Far Cry 5, which I finished but never paid much attention to. I got my fill of culty twaddle within the first few minutes, then skipped almost every cutscene till Montana was a gonna. I’m sorry — not to mention puzzled — if you care about Far Cry 5 spoilers, but, spoilers , it turned out the big bad in that game had a big bad pile of nukes. Which he totes used.

I really like that it’s not a spoiler because he’s TOTES wrong.


Also, never end a sentence in a preposition!


To confirm: This has the same “co-op players can’t progress” problem that Far Cry 5 had, correct?


Can you elaborate on the “co-op players can’t progress” issue? I hear a lot of talk about it, but I’m not sure exactly what that entails (I only picked up FC5 last week).


I think only the person hosting the session makes progress in the story. The person joining that session doesn’t make story progress.

From the New Dawn FAQ (link):

Why do I lose some of the progress I made during co-op sessions in Far Cry New Dawn ?


Far Cry New Dawn tells a story each player can experience differently.

To preserve that uniqueness and allow everyone to unfold their very own post-apocalyptic tale, some of the co-op progression is only saved for the host.

The hosting player will receive and retain progress for:

Please note that some items will become available only after the Homebase upgrades have reached a certain level.

This means that item unlocks dependent on the upgrade level will not carry over to the guest player after the co-op session.

The guest player will receive and retain progress for:

While in a co-op session, the host will be the one able to start missions, interact with NPCs, and call Guns for Hire.


Oh okay, thanks. If it’s mostly story-progress stuff I don’t think my friend will care at all.


I appreciate the information but don’t know enough about the game systems to know what the consequences of that are. I know the essential effect of this for FC5 was that if two people played only in co-op, the guest player was completely hobbled by the lack of specific varieties of progression. Would that still be the case, here?

Edit: Nevermind, it’s right there isn’t it?

Damn amateur-hour nonsense. There’s no excuse for that crap in 2019.


If he only plays with you, he’ll never get access to the weapons and other items that are gated by story progress, as I understand it. It’s why I refunded the game.


Story is shit, but it’s recommended!


Kid and I are back playing FC again. Like the lite RPG elements. Like the colorful graphics a lot. Enjoy new missions and prepper stash areas.

It’s fun.


From what I can tell so far, yeah, the story is pretty much a recycle with a dose of Mad Max. But this time it’s just a context for shootin’ ‘n’ lootin’, rather than an attempt at big-meta philosophy at least.


I’m enjoying revisiting areas from FC5 and seeing how they’ve changed. Looks like the map has been significantly truncated vs the main game, but it’s still quite large.


Really enjoying it so far!

Duct Tape survives the nuclear fallout!

Saw launcher is amazing to use.

The sky looks so good, day and at night.


Bethesda should take note here that post apocalyptic worlds do not need to be all grey or brown.


Fallout 76 is pretty colorful, actually, though FO 4 and especially FO 3 were very very drab, for sure.


Yep , FO76 got the visual style more eye pleasing for sure. Even some pink in there due to the sunset!

I almost wish Bethesda could just make the game world, and then Ubi add in their ubistuff, movement , shooting.

Not very far into New Dawn yet, but the Wiki-Bean-ia guy is very annoying, and I only talked to him for like 3 minutes and did a single 15 minute quest. :D


Man, I really want to jump back into this world. But I need to finish RDR2 first, and I think it is going to take a couple of years the way I play!


There’s a lot of truth to the “bloom” bit, the forests around Chernobyl, which got a ton of radiation, largely survived but turned bright red. Interestingly, the radiation was sufficient to kill off a lot of bacterial and insect life so fallen branches and dead trees didn’t decompose, leading to forest fires, and subsequent renewal.

The brown/grey wasteland is really a stylistic choice. If the land received sufficient radiation to kill off all plant life, humans obviously wouldn’t survive either.


I very much enjoy collecting these supply drop crates. If you get to them quick enough you can loot them before enemies arrive.

Also traversing the countryside in the finest of vehicles!

I do a lot of killing with maximum happiness , going by the smiles on my weapons. :p

Liberating outposts is still fun! And I like that you can now scavenge them, enemies level up and you can do it again for more resources and a tougher combat challenge.