Far Cry Primal - In prehistoric eras, they still had towers to climb

Yes? That was my point, you play as a premade character that cannot be customized.

I also picked this up from the Epic Store for $5 on a sale. I am a fan of the Far Cry series and completed Fay Cry 2, 3, 4 and 5. I was having quite a bit of fun with Primal for quite a while, but the game eventually just became too difficult. After failing two of the important later missions a double digit number of times each, I rage uninstalled. I did not find any of the other Far Cry titles that I played to ramp up in difficulty like this one. I had maximally upgraded all the weapons, tamed one of the Uber animals and unlocked most of the combat-related skill trees except for the tree I couldn’t unlock because I could not win the mission that unlocks it.


Awe man, Primal remains my favorite FC.

What mission where you struggling with , to get the skill tree unlocked?

The one where you have to capture one of the opposing tribes forts and leader (trying not to be spoiler-y)

Hmm I do recall them being challenging, was it the one with the guy inside a cave standing on top of a small cliff, lots of stealth was required on that particular mission.

Yep. Tried it a large number of times, both with and without my Uber pet, because that animal ratted me out very quickly.

I never played this game but it’s on sale for $5 again. I know it has a lot of praise around here for the survival mode they added later.

Was anything else improved? Survival just doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, but if the game in non-survival mode still got to an interesting place I’d be tempted.

Or if you’re not playing Survival is it still just the same Far Cry formula as FC3–5?

Well, moved back to the stone age. I liked it pre-survival. And the Uplay trial will let you give it a spin for a week :)

It is the best Far Cry. Full stop.

Not familiar with the Survival mode, but the base game was obviously similar to the FC formula, but also included the base building from Ass Creed (3?) where you collect followers who each bring bonuses to your skills.

Overall highly recommendable!

Replace guns with bow and spears, jeeps with tigers.

Survival is not the same as other survival games - Its more a change of how the game works. Taking away some of the overpowered skills, and dialing back on the insane amount of stuff happening in the world, making it a more calm, deadly world. Nights are suddenly more dangerous since the beasts that are out are more dangerous as well.
I really really recommend it.

I should’ve said more accurately that permadeath is not my thing. I assume that’s an inextricable part of survival mode?

Not at all 🙂 I like it, but you can play survival mode normally.

You get something like 400 Ubisoft Bux for beating the game on Hardcore (permadeath) Survival mode as I remember it.

As for permadeath, there’s also a ‘Second Chance’ mode, where you can die once but not a second time until you’ve reset the second chance (by progressing the completion percentage of the game- mostly by moving the main story along). I found it a nice happy medium between normal and PD modes when playing on the (superior) Survival mode.

I picked this up a while back, and I fired it up just now, choosing Survivor/Permadeath/Expert.

I died to the mammoth in what I assume is the tutorial.

Walk free, Wenja.

Haha. I highly recommend the 'Second Chance " option, or whatever they called it. It’s like permadeth, but you can rez once… and reset that chance after a while. But definitely play on Survival mode. Much, much better.

oh yes…It is such a great game, especially with these options! Personally, though, I find expert to be rather difficult. But difficult can be fun too!

Wow! I wish more publishers rewarded players for gitting gud.