FarCry on Wii


judge for yourself but I think it looks barely better than a GC or PS2 game… it’s a good thing they have the remote gimmick and the low price to distract you.

I love the Wii but yeah, that does look like shit.

That said, I do think the Wii is the system with the most FPS potential based purely on the controller. I’d be willing to trade off HD graphics for a control system that feels spot-on.

Wow, they didn’t even try. The bobble-headed boxers in Wii Sports have better shading than that game.

Okay, yes, the graphics are pretty crappy - I think I’ve seen better on the GC. BUT!

Start the video over. Pay really close attention to Wii-mote+nunchuck movements and how they’re corresponding to the screen. Now, I haven’t played Red Steel, but the ads I saw were never this clear on the interface, and that puzzled me. Probably because it wasn’t nearly as good as they wanted us to think it was.

But from this video, FarCry may have nailed it.

I think pretty much all the Wii games look a bit crap. Yes including Zelda. (ofcouse seeing Zelda played on a 60 inch lcd via composite may had something to do with it) Which doesn’t really gel because the Wii is basically an upgrade GC and the GC can do better graphics than most of the Wii launch line up. So I don’t think the graphics we are seeing now are really a good indicator on how the system will do in the graphics space in its life span.

It’s closer, but from what I can see, the remote is detecting movement like an analog control stick. I was hoping it would be more like a light-gun. It still seems to have that “everybody misses you because we know it will take forever for you to line up the sights” dynamic that console shooters suffer from. I’m just too spoiled by the mouse, I guess.


I had a flashback of City Street Large from the old RB6 title. Man those were the days. 1998 here I come! Wait … it still looks like 1998.

If the controls are fun, that would change the whole experience and maybe make it worthwhile, but man, I can’t imagine otherwise tolerating those 10 year old graphics. I kept expecting a T-rex to pop out to grab Lara.

(that’d also be a great addition).

thats just evil, gametrailers shows a commercial for Gears of War before they play the Farcry video. :)

Did i notice real time weapon switching in that vid? I thought you needed a PS3 to do that…

Indoor graphics were ass, but I didn’t think the outdoor stuff looked that bad there. Game kind of looked fun.

GRAFIX HAORS!!!111!!!11@!!

You know, I’m not convinced that it’s the greatest controller for FPS games. It’s certainly a lot more accurate and faster than using thumbsticks, but I don’t think it’s any better than using a mouse. I’m curious how many people will buy a multiplatform FPS game on the Wii if they own a 360 or PS3. Probably nobody, even with the wiimote.

I swear, I didn’t see any shadows in the indoor area, and barely any outdoors as well. What’s up with that?

I’m hoping for a nice bluetooth driver which lets you use the wiimote on a PC. It’d be great for presentations too.

What would you plug the sensor bar into?

Probably had to get rid of stencil and soft shadows to get a decent framerate. :P

The USB port.

Or, you know, get some candles!

Spoken like a man who has never played Gears of War on Insane mode!

So how would Far Cry on the Wii on a non-HDTV compare to a 360 game on a non-HDTV?

That’s where we are and I doubt we’ll get an HDTV in the next few years. We’ll probably wait until our current main TV dies. It’s hard to justify a new TV when you have a nice big screen TV already.

So how much of a difference is there on non-HD between the Wii and the 360/PS3?

A huge difference. The Wii is basically the same level of tech as the original xbox, and only slightly better than the Gamecube. The controller obviously adds some gameplay that could be fun though – but if you’re looking for how they’d visually compare, either PS3 or Xbox games would look much better on a standard TV than Wii games will look - it’s not just the resolution that makes the difference - the hardware is much more powerful so can push more polygons, etc.