FarCry on Wii

youtube mirror since gamevideos is down for maintenance

Haha, you mean the CGI Wii-mote+nunchuck that is super imposed over the screen? It’ll be great if it works like that.

Looks Wii-tarded.

Every time someone talks about the Wii graphics, I have to think back to Resident Evil 4 on the cube. That game looked phenomenal on the cube, especially compared to the PS2 version that came out afterwards. I was like “wow, the cube CAN kick some ass”. Anything that comes out on the Wii that looks less quality than RE4 can blow me.

The control looks like its the same as Red Steel to me. If its pointed at the edges then the screen moves that way, otherwise it like a light gun for shooting at guys.

FWIW, a couple of the latest previews indicate that Far Cry controls significantly better than either CoD or Red Steel.

Supposedly, it’s more responsive in general, and they get bonus points for “locking” the view when you hold the A button. So if something is on the edge of the screen, you can shoot it without dealing with camera swim.

I’m looking at Far Cry because my son wants a Wii shooter for Christmas, and Far Cry might be the best option.

I’m looking for it to develop some of it’s own games. I’m still far too content with computer FPSes to ever have that spark interest for me in a console.

RE 4 was the best-looking game in the previous generation. The Wii doesn’t really have much extra power over the cube, though, so you’re probably going to be skipping 99% of the library of games on the Wii.

I’m with you, I thought the DS was stupid until I played Meteos or Kirby. The Wii will come into it’s own as soon as some good puzzle developers get a chance with it

Forget the graphics, that was some of the most archaic FPS action I’ve seen in over six or seven years. The awkward staffing action (What is that? A half strafe? It looks more like a gun drifting out of control around a corner), the slow turns, the the fucked up way the character holds the gun as you turn - I’m pretty sure if you fired the gun like that in real life you’d break bones or something. I know its a game, but sometimes it’s best to stick with what we see in the real world.

It’s not like the Wii couldn’t do an FPS well, it certainly has enough control options if you have the nunchuck. I haven’t played any FPS games on the Wii yet, but here’s how you could do it well:

The waggle just controls the reticle, that’s it. The guns/hands move accordingly, as they would in any FPS game, PC or console. “B” is fire, of course. The digital cross handles strafing. The analog stick on the nunchuck handles forward/backward movement, as well as turning. You’ve got three more buttons left for whatever you want, and you also have the vertical function of the digital cross left, for weapon switching, jumping, a cover system, reloading, and an action button.

Really, all I’ve done is split the aim and turn functions. It just just not work right on the Wiimote, or else no one is doing it right. When you turn with a mouse, the gun does not action point in the direction you are turning - why do guns in Far Cry and Red Steel?

It may sound confusing, but really, even a casual gamer if going to master it quicker, and a non-gamer probably won’t find it anymore difficult or awkward. I’m not saying it has you be the only option of course, include your weirdo, gun-turn scheme too.

Anyone agree, or think I’m insane?

Oh, and melee attack can be mapped to the waggle of the nunchuck.