Farewell to the Diablo III auction house

Title Farewell to the Diablo III auction house
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 18, 2014

Diablo III's auction house system shut down today. The controversial real-money trading floor and the in-game gold auction systems are gone. According to the recently updated auction house FAQ, players have until the 24th of June to retrieve their items and gold..

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See you in hell, Auction House...wait. Never mind.

And still no plans to address the last remaining critical flaw - the server requirement. Just more claims that it's fundamentally necessary to the game design, even though it's demonstrably less necessary than SimCity's, which just got patched out.

I would guess that there's no chance they'll go offline mode until they've sold the last expansion or DLC for D3. Once they do, a couple of months later after most sales have been made, they'll patch in an offline mode to pickup the last few hold-outs.

FWIW, I'm loving the new patch and pre-ordered RoS off the back of just about an hour with the new loot system.

Yeah, after how crazy well D3 sold I eventually just broke down and bought it since a one man boycott was clearly not going to have any impact. And it's good enough, especially after the patch, that I'm picking up RoS as well. But it's even more clear after playing it that the server requirement is arbitrary bullshit that harms the game. I have had such lag issues at times as to render the game unplayable. It was definitely my normally reliable internet connection at fault, but if I could have played it offline, well, there would not have been a problem. And the closest thing to making it a multiplayer game, design-wise, is being able to trivially join friends in their active games. Which you can do in Borderlands 2, a game of roughly the same genre, which is completely playable offline.