Fargo, Monte Cook, Numenera and Torment

I recently wrote about the Pen&Paper rpg Monte Cook is doing now, Numenera and its kickstarter which raised 500.000 dollars!

Now, RPS has an article about how Brian Fargos new “Torment” game will be set in Monte Cooks Numenera! This is making my inner geek explode!

They’ll have more info at 5 apparently and I can’t stress how excited I am by this!

Can’t wait to get my hands on Numenera.

This is fantastic news. I supported Numenera and one of the first things I though was “I hope someone makes a game in this world”.

For a second there I thought Monte Cook was working on an RPG about scheming Minnesota car salesmen.

Yeah, I supported Numenera – the $50 “Ultimate Ebook” supporter level may be the biggest Kickstarter RPG bargain in history, it got up to something like six separate ebooks by the end of the campaign. And I also played the original Apple ][ Wasteland, and supported Wasteland 2, and loved PS: Torment, so this is like some of my favorite Kickstarters having an orgy together or something. SUPER SWEET.

I’m amazed this isn’t a topic everyone is yelling about - Too ambiguous a title? Does people not understand that we are getting a new planescape Torment game?

Anyways - the rest of the interview with Brian Fargo and the plans for the new Planescape game is here

: A Torment game requires big ideas and a truly exotic setting in order to explore the underlying thematic elements. Colin described it best when he said “Torment’s themes are essentially metaphysical, getting to the heart of what it means to be alive and conscious, and it’s easier to ask those questions in a setting that is far removed from the familiar.” Numenera is such a setting, and it has tremendous potential to cultivate those ideas. We won’t have faeries or devils, but we’ll have diabolical creatures from far dimensions with schemes beyond human imagination. We won’t have gods, but we’ll have creatures who have lived for millennia with the powers of creation and destruction at their fingertips, with abilities honed over countless lifetimes.

could be good in that existential way… just hope they keep some of that PST comedy… because philosophy 101 could be had in a wiki! but seriously, i loved monte cooks Mage game, and he did great with 3.0 Dnd… so he knows rpgs! just hope its not too pretentious and actually has good gameplay.

New Torment game, not Planescape game. :)

Oh, we knew from before, but right now it’s in early pre-production, it hasn’t been announced officially, we know they are busy doing Wasteland 2 and Obsidian doing their P. Eternity, also isn’t a imo true new Torment game if the lead writer isn’t the same, which is still up in the air.

Thats not always true. Like with movie sequels, sometimes putting someone new in charge gets better results, even if the original was great. So it depends on a) the talent of the new writer, and b) if he/she ‘gets’ what made Torment good. c) they have inspiration for where to take the story next. (The original writer doesn’t always have c)

I’m a lapsed roleplayer. It was a big part of my identity as a teenager but I haven’t played since high school. So I drooled over the Numenera Kickstarter, but had the self control to not back it. I’m glad I’ll get to experience the world through this game.


Unfortunately, it goes the other way a lot.

An interview with Brian Fargo along with some concept art.

You talked about perhaps using turn-based combat instead of real-time with pause: is that wise? Surely the fans would wage war against you?

Let me turn this over to project director Kevin Saunders: “We see the key elements of the combat system for this game as agnostic of whether the implementation is real-time with pause, turn-based, or some hybrid, like a phase-based system.

We’ll discuss further in the future, but, briefly, by key elements, we mean aspects like: ensuring that character customization choices influence combat, meaningful tactical decisions, synergy with the narrative and creative elements, accentuating and further developing the companions, etc.

Because we can craft the game we are promising regardless of this specific decision, it is exactly the type of question for which we’d involve our backers.

We would outline what we will attempt to achieve through combat, and how it is interwoven with the narrative and overall gameplay, present the primary options, and let our backers weigh in – confident that we can satisfy our design goals for this game while taking their preferences into account.

We’ve been taking this approach with Wasteland 2 and have found backer input to be invaluable in such design decisions.”

Spotted at RPGCodex.