Farmageddon: The Cozy Gaming Thread of Crops, Crafts, Commerce, and Community

Thanks, not only did I not realize this was coming to Game Pass on Nov 14th, I also didn’t realize until I looked the game up that it’s already on Game Pass now in a “Game Preview” form. (Xbox name for Early Access).

Just a caveat though – as part of the 1.0 announcement, they said that any savegames from the EA version will NOT carry over to the full launch, so probably not much point in starting now (unless you just want a demo to help decide whether to buy the full version before the price goes up.)

Ooblets has become my designated exercise game while I’m on the elliptical. I’m playing on XBox with a controller in each hand in Copilot mode, which looks silly but works great. And the game itself is a great fit for exergaming – relaxing and upbeat, with no time pressure. I can sometimes burn out on farming mechanics when I’m devoting 100% attention to them, but they work wonderfully for multitasking. The seasonal Halloween event is what spurred me to pick it off the backlog now, and it’s very charming.

Mineko’s Night Market is now on Game Pass, though I haven’t yet tried it.

Sun Haven is 30% off right now. Have seen a ton of positive comments on this one, though I’m probably going to wait a bit more myself since I just have too much I want to play now and in the near future.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is leaving early access in December, and has cancelled the previously announced plans to go free-to-play. I tried this a bit because it was on Game Pass and it seems competent enough, but the emphasis on virtual currency and battle-pass mechanics put me off. People who both love Disney and can stomach the monetization seem to have a lot of fun with it, though.

Woah. There’s an IGN Africa?

I can’t picture that working great in any scenario! You must be very talented.

Heh, I didn’t even notice that it was from Africa - I had seen the announcement in my RSS this morning, and then just now went and grabbed the first news article that came up in a search.

And I’m not sure if having giant hands counts as a “talent” per se. But the Xbox controller is shaped really nicely and feels secure against my palm, even held one-handed while moving. Sure it would be even better not to have the the unused half of each controller at all (which is what I have on Switch with third-party joycons). But I was surprised at how natural it felt the first time I tried it.

I have been playing:

It should be out of EA in a few days. I am really enjoying my time with it so far.

Would you recommend it for someone who really enjoyed Stardew Valley but who didn’t enjoy My Time at Portia?

My Time at Portia had this weird mining gameplay that for some reason really turned me off. Is that an element in Sandrock?

I bought Sandrock ages ago when it had an early access discount, but I haven’t played it at all, because I wanted to wait until full release. I wonder if it’s worth starting now then, or if they’ll be a big update on release day, so I might as well wait?

That was exactly my major issue with it.

Full Release is THursday and it adds relationship and more side quests. I started playing yesterday.

If you didn;t liek Portia you won’t like Sandrock

No. Its like Portia 2.0. If there is some weird mechanic in mining in Portia (I do not recall anything like that when I played it).

Basically you go into a ruin that many levels. You can dig between levels. Ore nodes are obvious and on the surface. Relics and odd parts are buried and you can scan to find them. You do not need to get the relics unless you want to do the museum stuff. You can just tunnel down to the next level and just grab ores. At first I got some relics, but now I pretty much ignore them and just go for ore.

It’s been awhile, but what I remember in Portia is that there was this special area you would go into where you could carve away at the ground in a freeform, deformable terrain kind of way. And there was some kind of scanner to help you find where stuff was in the ground. And did they let you fly around in that area, so you couldn’t get yourself stuck? It didn’t feel like mining, and it was disorienting, and it felt like a thing that took up way more of your time than it should. For whatever reason, it really did put me off of the game, for all the other great stuff that the game had going.

Exactly what turned me off. Are we brothers or something? :)

My recollections are similar to @Nightgaunt’s but I felt less negatively about it. There was a certain skinner-box appeal to it, and IIRC there was an effective timer of sorts with night coming or something like that, so there was a bit of tension. But it wasn’t good and I think the game would have been better off without it.


Hey you two, get a room!

Spiritea and Coral Island should both be on Game Pass now. Lets hear some impressions by this weekend!