Farmed and Dangerous = awesome

I love what Chipotle is doing with this series. Outlandish concept to help educate the public. The series is well written with fantastic acting. I didn’t know how it would hold up after the first episode, but it really holds up.
Though the feeding of cows petro-pellets which makes them flammable and explode, it makes me wonder if the final episode is going to reveal that in real life some direct petroleum-based product is being added to cow feed.

I can’t wait until our food supply is free of antibiotics and the animals are not in such misery. If we had the option we’d always buy antibiotic free-range food but stupidly our local grocers don’t carry that. What if we had a law to force big supermarket chains like Wal-Mart, Meijer’s, and Krogers to carry healthier alternatives so we could actually have options?