Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

Sounds like it. Generally speaking, the mechanical weeders only work at the first stage of growth, and if you miss that you have to use herbicide. Things are complicated a bit by shallow cultivation (things like disc harrows), which seem to require herbicide even if you do mechanical weeding at the first opportunity, though I haven’t tested that extensively.

Why is it I can master all the intricacies of IFR flight but farming kicks my arse? :(

Oh and thanks again, I’ll buy some herbicide and give it a go.

It helped a lot. One item not mentioned is you can sell bulk silage/hay/grass/straw to the animal dealer, you can sell bulk silage to the biogas plant. You can only sell wrapped bales of any type to the animal dealer.

That’s not true on Elm Creek at least. You can dump bales in the drop off. I saw another video suggesting you can’t do that with placeable biogas plants though.

I wasn’t able to, but then again, it was the first and only time I’ve dropped off at the biogas plant. If there is some way to do so though I would be VERY interested. The biogas plant frequently offers much more for silage.

I tried the bales on the trailers, the bales off the trailer, the bales off the trailer with wrapping removed, none worked. Unless the two drop off points are different (the two large U shaped concrete areas.)

I’ll post screenshots in a minute. You can dump them in the green skips or the ramped area next to them

If you can make me more money with that I’ll name my 14th kid at the farm in your name.

Screenshots are refusing to upload for some reason. Will try again later today. It’s the dump point(s) right by the southern entrance. You can either put them in the green skips directly, or just leave them on the ramp beside them, even though that bit isn’t marked with the dump icon.

Dumb question, but are you sure you’re using the biogas plant and not the biomass energy?

I’m new to this game so all my questions are dumb. But I think you’re on to something here? I’ll drive my pickup over there for a screenshot.

Please ignore, testing image uploads in this specific thread.


Maybe you’re haunted. Are you currently sitting in the environs of a native American burial ground? Did you insult a gypsy?

Shrug, worked fine as you. I used Chrome too.

I just disabled the composer media optimizer. Does it work now?

@Ginger_Yellow this is where I went to drop off Silage. The two bays I was talking about are the large concrete U shapes just to the right of and behind this pic:


Right in front of you is where you can drop off bales. I don’t think you can use the bunkers unless you buy the facility.

Aargh, the New Holland forage harvester was on sale, but between my harvests so I didn’t have enough cash on hand to buy it. I really should clear some of my loan so that I can stretch for things like that.

Finally caved and bought this. Hit a wall in the initial tutorial, after it directed me to harvest a small field and then stopped prompting me to do anything altogether. Guess I’ll go search down some youtubes or something.

Welcome!!! Mrsealyp on YouTube helped me a lot, as well as several others. To be frank, Giants software should have more video based stuff on their site, though the Academy writeups aren’t bad so far.

Re MrSealyP, for learning the very basics, it might be an idea to watch his FS19 videos instead. For one, I imagine he has at least one aimed at absolute beginners. But mainly because a lot of his FS22 “guides” at the this stage are more explorations of a feature , where he’s learning along with the viewer, than authoritative tutorials