Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

Borrowing money and buying big fun things like I mean it.

More yield testing:

It does indeed seem that rolling only gives the bonus when done after seeding, which is a bit weird as at least in my testing you only get the seedbed status when you do it before seeding.

Amber waves of grain:

The homestead after harvest:

My beehives and greenhouses. The weedy area to the left is going to be my sheep barn when I get mowing up and running:

My grain mill, the first production chain I have bought:

I got lucky and bought a harvester header, the HUGE John Deer model on the daily discount for something like 70 percent off. Amazingly the TopLiner can use it without tipping over. However I didn’t have enough for a header trailer, nor do I know how to load/unload one so I only use it over on my huge lot behind the fire department. It’s amazingly fast in comparison. Driving down the main road is possible but not any of the smaller roads. You can also get behind the fire station from the right hand side, barely. Worth it, even if I leave it over there. Harvesting is one of the more awesome things in this game, minus emptying out the hopper, which is more of a task with that huge header on there. I have to wait until it’s full, then pull up and back my trailer in from the side or the back, let it fill, then drive off until it’s full again.

Kicking myself for selling a lot of that. I could use those silos right now. Soooooon.

So, any word on how much this makes for you in comparison to just grain? I’m assuming you sell the flour?

Thanks for posting the yield testing. Those will help a lot.

Ultimately I plan to buy the bakery as well (for bread initially, and to work toward cakes), but at the moment I’m just storing to see what the highest price I can get is. Not sold any yet. Eyeballing the prices in game, it seems flour goes for about 50% more than wheat, and converts at a rate of 1.5 wheat for 1.2 flour. So it seems like a small net increase. But it does give me more options in case there’s great demand somewhere or just a big price fluctuation.

I haven’t tried to figure out which grain is the most efficient for flour production, but there are some numbers on Reddit.

How buggy are you finding it, overall? That’s really what’s keeping me from getting it so far.

Compared to FS19, in terms of gamebreaking stuff, about the same. The pallets getting stuck in the ground is definitely the worst so far. I haven’t had any crashes. There do seem to be a lot of bugs around the economy/field states, but it’s not entirely clear whether some of those are WAD, and ultimately they don’t matter a huge amount. Presumably to the extent they are bugs they’ll get addressed in the first few patches.

I’ve had a few small bugs but don’t have any reference for FS19. Graphics-wise, some pop-in, tearing and LOD issues occasionally, not often though. Performance-wise I’ve not seen a single hiccup at all, no crashes at all. Sound-wise, no issues either, though this isn’t a sound heavy game. Gameplay: some occasional AI worker wonkiness, generally they just quit and you’ll see an error as to why (blocked, etc.) Contracts seem buggy at times; harvesting doesn’t appear to mark their field as harvestable, or at least the two times I’ve tried so I had to cancel those contracts. Also some issue with accepting contracts and then they disappear (a game reboot fixed that.) I haven’t used a loader or played with pallets much, no feedback on those. Machines work fine, I’ve hit a couple of unseen things with them I’m assuming might be mesh related. The second time I did that I could have sworn my equipment showed more wear/tear and it made me wonder if there is damage modeling going on for the gear. You guys would know more than me. It was clipping a street corner in my harvester and subsequently showed more wear and tear.

Some things I wish I could change:

  • More AI worker choices
  • Better UI/Menu layout, especially with saving/exiting, getting to the store or build menu, etc. Lots of unnecessary keystrokes needed with a point and click UI. Also a ton of, “are you sure,” stuff, which again, I’m not a fan of. Give a global, “undo,” of last action and be done with need to ask me okay then are you sure for everything you buy/do.
  • Better accounting, costing and planning breakdown. I’m assuming this is addressed with mods in '19.

You jerks, I was going to wait a year. That’s all I have to say.

In a year you could have all the production lines. ALL OF THEM!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


More screenies. Beautiful fall colors at harvest time:

My new gigantic John Deer header for the combine harvester:

I paid off all loans and decided to go in debt again, so I bought lot 30 and plowed it into a double with lot 31 I already own. Lot 32 is over a half million in value so that’ll be a while. But my current predicament is space to park shit. Note I’m using the gas station and food joint next to it, along with some of my neighbors space too.

So here’s the question:

If I buy lot 52, what comes with it? The farmhouse between us? Any of that extra dead space between lots? What I’m getting at is, how do I see all these folks online with fantastic looking garages and processing areas. Where are they building those? Empty lots? Can you buy businesses and tear them down?

Stats to date. Still a lot of zeros here for me to work on:

The stuck pallet bug is really putting a downer on my honey operation. I have four stuck now. There’s no way to autosell from beehives either. Might have to give up on them.

So I know what happens do they fall into the ground or your just unable to load/unload them? Do they remain stuck if the game is restarted?

Pump out some more greenhouses and become a waterboy like me.

Reddit’s take on the stuck pallets:

Yeah, really don’t fancy editing my save file multiple times a year. I’ll just do some other farming.

Is it possible to run a FS22 server on my PC and log into it from the PS5? Is the game cross-play enabled like that?

Hmm I guess I’d be buying two copies of the game then. Just thinking out loud here.

It is crossplay, apparently, but I have no idea how it works as I don’t touch the multiplayer.

Autosell economics:

TLDR: 35% discount to best price when selling, no shrinkage when distributing. Apart from greenhouses, where it’s just a question of getting rid of your production as quickly as possible, it definitely seems worth it to distribute as high up the production chain as you can, then store and manually sell the smaller quantity of goods.

Read about a good starter recommended expansion lot in Elm Creek: Lot 56

  • It had a decent amount of land around the field.
  • It’s across from the store and maintenance shop.
  • It’s near the oil mill and train point on the east side.

Solution to honey pallet woes:

Alas, doesn’t seem to work with the pre-built one.

I have my mowing gear and my sheep barn now. Unfortunately, there’s not enough clearance under the roof of the barn to overload my forage wagons (even the second, smaller one I bought after I learned the one I wanted to use didn’t fit). So I just have to dump it on the ground and use my frontloader to bucket it into the food drop point. I suppose I could set up a conveyor, but that would get in the way. Because of this, and because there isn’t enough room at the bakery to use the frontloader, I’ve bought a forklilft, which will also serve honey stacking duty. Though my attempts to flatten the ground near the honey storage have made it rather hard for the forklift to navigate. Also, turns out the AI can’t drive forklifts for shit. sigh
Next task, saving up for a second, better harvester, and converting one of my sunflower fields to corn so I can do more silage.

This is how bread is transported, right?

I tried to flatten some ground at the farm in two different locations. The terrain tools leave a lot to be desired. It’s bumpy as all get out.

When baling goes wrong …