Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

Yeah, I’d go as far as to say that Super Strength is essential if you’re not a total purist, and some form of autoload is pretty much essential unless you want to play forklift simulator, although with super strength you can do pallet loading pretty easily.

Took a quick look at the official mods, and that is indeed a peace of cake! I will dive deeper into that (if only I can find the time for more than 30 minutes, which unfortunately isn’t going to be anytime soon…). Didn’t spot the ‘turn grass into silage’ silo though, so I guess that’s not an official mod then?

Are you console or PC?

Anyway, not sure which if any are available on console, but search for “fermenting” in the modhub and you may see some options.

After a day of Platinum/Silverrun, I think I kind of hate it?

If you’re super into forestry, it’s probably a good expansion, but Silverrun is all about the forestry (and a tiny bit of very simplistic mining) and it’s not clear what if any of the good stuff about it other than vehicles/equipment is going to be usable in other maps or by mod developers (certainly without mods it seems a lot of the new productions don’t work outside Silverrun).

I really hope the construction project thing is usable by modders, because if not it’s an almost completely pointless expansion for me. Even in Silverrun, it’s really severely time-gated, which is super annoying as one of the big attractions of forestry is that you’re not tied to the crop calendar. But if you’re constantly waiting for the projects to process stuff you’ve delivered, that benefit disappears.

Oh well, on to Hof Bergmann!

Here are some of the ones we’ve mentioned you can search for:

  • Under the Gameplay category, Lumberjack gives super strength and makes cutting trees a hell of a lot easier.
  • Under the Silos category, this is the version of fermenting silos I use, these have a plain version, an American flag version and a Canadian flag version. There are three sizes of silo, small, medium and large and though they process the same grass to silage in the same time, the capacity of them gets bigger with the bigger version.

Ooh, apparently there’s a crop rotation mod now.

Stumbled across the YT channel of a guy who does extremely thorough Autodrive networks for loads of mod maps (including Hof Bergmann). Definitely check it out.

Hell yes! Nice find!

Trying to start a new game in platinum and I have no clue what the new map name is, and too many user made maps. Truly a first world problem.


Found it, thanks man!

This guy gives a good first look at what you get on easy mode:

On the cheatier end of things, there’s now an unrealistic capacity root crop harvester available:

Might give it a whirl just to see if it handles any better than the base game potato harvesters. It looks like it’s articulated.

Of all the cheatier things to have, that would be high up there if I wanted to give potatoes a whirl again. That addresses part of it anyway. Wonder if they have a bigger capacity potato planter?

I rolled hard mode on a fairly generic player map: Eastern North Carolina. So far not too bad but I have to get through the burnout period of doing contracts to pay the initial loan down but still get some starter equipment. I won’t be making much from the ultra tiny plot I was able to buy initially.

So I’ve played plenty of Stardew Valley type games that abstract farming into videogame busywork, and I can appreciate those games for their laidback “gardening” vibe. I’m guessing this is something different? Can those of you playing it – seems like this is in regular rotation for @Ginger_Yellow, @Skipper, @mjgreeny75, and a few others here – explain briefly what you like about Farming Simulator and why you play it? In a nutshell, what’s the appeal of these games over more abstracted videogamey farming games?

Well, it’s definitely totally different from Stardew Valley type games. For one thing, you can’t harvest crops by swiping a finger over your screen. Instead, you need to get inside your harvester and actually drive it back and forth across the field until it is full. And it is the same with ploughing, seeding, liming, removing weeds, whatever: you have to manually do it yourself (or pay a worker to do it, of course).

That may sound like work instead of fun, and I wouldn’t blame you if that turns out to be your take on the gameplay, if you try it. But for me, it just kind of works. It’s extremely satisfying to mow a large field of grass, and then windrow the mowed grass in neat rows and pick them up with a trailer, all the while listening to a bit of music. It is slow, relaxing gameplay. I’m busy enough in real life, and most other games I play are a lot more frantic. This is my game to slow down a bit.
At the same time, it feels weirdly rewarding to be able to buy that new expensive tractor or harvester with money you earned yourself, by selling crops you have grown. Or completing a production line all the way from the chicken eggs to the cakes (haven’t done that yet, by the way).

All in all, I can’t really explain it very well. It just clicks with me, like that other slow game, Euro Truck Simulator, did a while back. You can even play Farming Simulator with a steering wheel, which is fun! It is by no means perfect. For example, the handling of vehicles on the roads is rubbish. But that isn’t a problem: most of the time you’ll be creating straight(ish), fresh lines on fields anyway, not on the road, and the driving works fine there.

I’d say: try it out. Perhaps even with an older (cheaper) version. The basic gameplay hasn’t changed much over the years, so if you hate FS 15 (the one I started with), you’ll hate FS 22 just as much. If you like 15 however, you’ll love 22!

Yeah, for me it scratches that same zen, podcast-friendly itch that ETS/ATS does, while also having a more meaningful economy/management layer and a stronger sense of progression as you work up through larger and better equipment and develop production chains. Also it has a very rich modding scene.

I wondered the same, I’d never played the series until this iteration of the game in 2022. Like @mjgreeny75 said, for some reason it hit and filled a zen gaming moment with me as well. The Euro Truck Simulator reference is apt. Do any of us really want to drive a truck around Europe? Not likely. But with this game, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, and enjoying it in a game, surrounded with some very basic gameplay looping around making money, getting better, getting bigger and better gear and expanding … it’s comforting in a way I’ve not played in a game.

I realized I basically reiterated what MJ was saying. @mjgreeny75 since you’re the latest to join in, what did you love from it as a new experience?

I guess it would be the production chains: that gives me a purpose, a goal to work towards. Other than that, seasons are nice, as they complicate matters a bit and make it more realistic. But overall, the charm of the game has stayed the same throughout the series: leisurely working with heavy machinery on a farm.

Thanks for the input, guys. That’s kind of what I was thinking. I’ve got a couple of things on my plate now, but you’ve piqued my interest for down the road!

I think I’m pretty much done with FS22 for the forseeable future, but this is very cool for silage work: