Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

It will let you do it, but it won’t “take”.

FWIW, at the moment I’m doing:

But that’s not really driven by testing.

With stones turned off and a moderately wide cultivator, disc harrows didn’t seem worth the weed penalty. Ploughs you only need occasionally (and not at all after the initial ploughing if you have it turned off), except for certain crops like corn and I think beets, which you have to do after every harvest.

Incidentally, I’ve been beginning to think something like this was the case:

This last day of playing I’ve been basically ignoring the calendar for selling and just remembering what the high prices are and selling when they get above a certain threshold. It seems to happen throughout the year. Interesting that the autosell price is tied to it, though in that case what does it do for crops that have no autosell?

My best day harvesting … ever. This is lot 30-31 being harvested at the same time. Soybean pricing was best from Goldcrest Valley (through the train.)

Just short of 200K from a single harvest day. Not bad, not bad at all!

sounds like there are quite a few improvements compared to the last edition I played (19, I think). Especially the go-to, deliver etcetera options are excellent and will make life so much easier! I will wait for a version with added DLC before I buy it, but I’m sure I will buy it at some point!

Question to those who played it: have they also improved the wood logging, particularly the loading of the logs? I ragequit after trying to handle that gripping claw thingy for half an hour…

I did not play the 19 version but trees are a pain in the ass. I haven’t even done logging yet. but trying to run the wood chipper with the small arm was awful. I ended up downloading a mod that gives you super strength and cleared the trees on my land and tossed them in the river by my farm.

No idea, I never did much logging in previous games and haven’t touched it yet in this one. I do intend to at some point, but not until I’ve tried the new crops.

I’ve been buying farm plots and need to do some tree clearing. Give me a bit this weekend and I’ll get you an answer on that. There are multiple dedicated tools, tractors and equipment, but I’ve yet to try any. I’ll be leasing those to do the work.

Just picked up my first large tractor today, the EXTREMELY speedy JCB Fastrac 8330. ZERO regrets on that one. It’ll do 45mph with anything that doesn’t restrict its speed, which speeds up so many things in game. No more hours long runs to sell things. Quick pickups of tools, etc. I think it’s the fastest tractor in-game, there is a medium version that’s slightly less fast. This large one is not upgradeable, so it’s locked at 348hp and 11.9t pull weight. I’m good with that. This is my, “step up,” on tractors. I’ve kept my other three for now but might sell one later to get a second fast tractor. Still unsure which way to go from here: additional crop types, production chains, more tractor/tool upgrades, additional farm plots, etc. I’m remaining debt free for now as well, which means harvest day is my major payday each year. I’m going to need to start having kids to expand this farm.

Yeah, a Fastrac is always one of my first upgrades (there’s a medium one too which isn’t quite as fast). Less necessary now you can order workers to go somewhere, but still very handy

I should also mention this fantastic purchase. The Brantner TA23065 Power-Tube trailer with the extension on it, putting it at $38,500 for 38.6 cubic meter capacity. Fantastic medium transport bang for the buck.

Yeah, I have one too. It’s very nice for the price but quite finicky about where you can fill it, which is annoying.

What did you upgrade to when you needed a big trailer? Anything good? I’m assuming you’re hailing with a big rig by this point.

You mean a semi trailer? I’m just using the cheapo Krone curtainside trailer, as it suits my honey transporting needs. A truck is actually next on my shopping list, but I’ve been waiting for one to show up second hand. Also, what did show up second hand was the sugar cane harvester, so I had a bit of a change of plans and diverted into sugar cane, which will at least eventually feed into my bakery. I just need to get a cow farm going (at least I already have straw and grass and silage). 700k for the biggest and best cow barn is a lot of money though.

700k is one hell of a lot, or at least is is for me at this point. 200k for a tractor was a stretch purchase.

Ready to see pics of your sugar cane kingdom. In the words of the philosopher Homer Simpson:

“First you get the sugar,
then you get the power,
then you get the WOMEN!”

ok, keep me posted! The problem for me was getting tree trunks onto the trailer with a gripping hook that could open, close, go up, down, sideways, forwards, backwards and tilt, all with different controls. What a nightmare…

I’m really surprised at how hooked I’ve been on this game but there’s something really satisfying about the progression.

Random pics from my game:

I bought FS19 and was kind of enjoying it, but what really put me off was the almost total lack of any in-game help. For example, after the very short tutorial it just dumped me on my farm and said have at it. I was left scratching my head when it came to buying equipment; there was no indication whatsoever of what tools were compatible with what machines, or even which machines I need to accomplish certain tasks.

Is FS22 any better in that regard? Or would I have to bite the bullet and search online any time I want to do or buy anything?

It’s definitely better for compatibility. There’s now a “combinations” button in the shop when you choose an item that lets you see what tools/vehicles are compatible with it. And they now have “packages” which show you what you need to get started on a given crop/animal. There is also an outside game “Academy” which covers the basics. But a lot of it is still pretty opaque and if you want to min/max at all you’ll be spending a lot of time on Reddit and the forum.