Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

So it seems like we’ve got all the information we’re going to get out of FarmCon. It’s a bit of a mixed bag for me, and I didn’t really see anything that makes me want to pull the trigger day one. Hopefully they’re holding stuff back but given that it’s Giants we’re talking about, probably nothing systemic.


The worker improvements are long overdue and, assuming they don’t fuck it up, could be a gamechanger. It would be really nice not to have to fuck around in the Courseplay menu all the time and create an entire file structure in the process. But I suspect it will have a lot of failure modes.

Rice looks like a much better addition than the root vegetables in the Premium DLC, and it really complements the new water physics.

The graphics do look meaningfully improved, though we’re still talking tech from a generation or two back.

The new US map looks decent.


It seems like any changes to productions are going to be pretty modest. Probably some new chains (rice, obviously), and it seems we’re getting some smaller production buildings, but they haven’t mentioned anything systemic other than some differences to how pallets work.

They seem to have taken the Platinum expansion construction system and applied it to just farmhouses for some reason. This should be implemented throughout the game and, crucially, surfaced to modders so they can go crazy with it. From one of the interviews it sounds like modders may be able to fudge it by pretending their construction sites are farmhouses, but a) they shouldn’t have to and Giants should have realised people wanted to build arbitrary stuff, b) will Giants let those fudged mods into the ModHub? and c) will the resulting buildings be able to do stuff like silos or productions?

No real sense that seasons or the economy are going to get much more involved.

No sense that animal husbandry is going to be more involved.

Terrain deformation is, as I suspected, basically a graphics gimmick. Nice to have, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to get eg, Elk Mountain style excavation that would have really changed things up.