Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

I dunno, that’s the only mod I’m using so far and it came from the in game mod menu. It’s called Power Tools. Also lets you edit your money and do other useful things, which has come in handy in situations where I bought the wrong piece of equipment or ran into a bug or something.

I’ve done that twice today. The first time I got the wrong seeder, and the second time I bought a trailer that didn’t fit under my combine spout. It sucks.

Yep. Which is why it doesn’t bother me at all to add the difference back into my account once I sell and buy the thing I meant to buy :)

Anyone here played multiplayer that would care to review it? I’m intrigued on the gameplay and how it works.

Damnit you guys. You’re making me want to get this. I played FS… 17? 19? awhile ago and liked it, but also got bored of driving back and forth in straight lines. But I just redownloaded Snowrunner and am hoping it will satisfy my urges for slow gameplay.

Never tried it. I hear '22 has a lot of MP problems right now though.

I have played this with a friend. We did not have any problems but we were also connecting to one of my save games and not a rented server or anything. It seems everyone can create their own farm and have their own money and not have to work together on the same farm but you can. I gave my friend access to my farm and he was able to do everything I was able to. There is a permissions list to limit what they can do. The farms exist like a company and you add people to it. Sounds weird until you see it. You do need to have all the same mods installed or the other person wont see your game.

I’d really love to do multiplayer in this but being a friendless hermit has thus far precluded this. I can’t even convince @Jason_McMaster to get the game for free :(

Saved up for my robot barn. That first silage harvest was a real pain in the arse, but should keep me in the money for a long while at least. Now I just need to buy the dairy and I can finally make cakes. I picked up a second hand augur wagon which I’m desperately hoping will attach to either the forage harvester (which I leased last time, but will eventually be buying) or my sugarcane harvester. If so, it would make things much smoother.

Inside the wonderbarn:

Alexa, feed my cows:

Thanks for the write-up. I’d read about the bug, they mention that and an upcoming patch on their forums. It presents as people unable to connect after some time. Nice to hear a little about how it works though. Do you compete at all or is it more of a co-op farming situation? I may set up a server if things look like fun after they patch it for better operation.

I still haven’t gotten to the trees! As it happens in this game I got sidetracked after buying a smaller farm plot over the weekend and being low on cash. To be continued …

You are making some good headway. I got canola oil going and … it’s slow? I didn’t realize it would just be a recurring revenue or production I have to truck around. Right now it’s set for selling, as I don’t have anything to load pallets, etc. I also didn’t know there was only a limited amount of storage for resources in the factories. I’m coming up on harvest day again and it’s barely half-way through last season’s crop of canola.

But, what I did this weekend was similar and probably different at the same time. I don’t have any big space to do silage yet so I decided to do bale wraps for it instead. I bought a semi-small and level plot to the south of the farm and went through the whole pasture grass setup: plow, lime, plant grass and fertilize. I didn’t realize grass seed is so expensive.

Then not two months later, I’ve begun the grass routine: cut, windrow, collect/bale (with the Pottinger combo unit,) pickup bales onto auto-load trailer, roll the field back out to renew fertilizer status, then park and wait. About 1 full month after, before the next grass grow, all the wrapped bales are silage. I’ve got my day timing to be 2 days per month. So that roughly gives me 3 “days” to get a good silage price and sell, or unload the trailer and wait until after the next mow cycle with double the bales. But it’s good money. The first mow was less as I only had 50% fertilizer status but I’ve been rolling after every mow since and that makes a big difference. Silage is indeed good money. The caveat is that grass is a work-needy crop, as far as that goes. I did have some success with the AI drivers for all but the Pottinger combo unit, which they just refuse to drive. The first couple of times though I did it all on my own and it’s a lot of work. I’m not sure I’d want a bigger field or multiple fields of this. I think it’s about perfect for one single medium field of grass.

Next up for me is more land/forestry for expansion, but I also need a chicken coop and silo. I picked up the multifruit silo mod which should help a lot as the prices are reasonable on those, starting at 125K for a 2 million liter silo, if I recall correctly.

I think this is a bad idea at least until the next patch. Oil is selling for less than it should (certainly sunflower, can’t recall if canola is a different end product). And with autosell you’re getting less than you would manually. So there’s a good chance you’d be better off just selling the raw canola.

As a compromise, maybe use super strength from the Power Tools mod to make pallet handling easier.

I kind of have the opposite problem. Because I’m splitting my production between various crops I don’t have enough grain or sugarcane to keep my factories stocked all year round. For flour it’s OK because the bakery is the bottleneck, but the sugar is annoying especially with all the babying of the harvester I have to do. Once I get a couple more fields I should be able to have 24/7 production, but the sugar harvest is going to take so long I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Well I finally planted my first crop:

Lots of teething problems. I bought a weight and promptly knocked it over, and could not for the life of me right it again, so that was money down the drain (I had to immediately sell it at a loss). I bought a plough and ploughed the field easily enough, but then I bought a seeder which refused to work.

Aha! “Combinations!” Apparently the seeder is compatible with some other thing, so I leased it (I was getting suspicious by this point - my suspicion would prove to be well founded) and put it on the front of my tractor, then reattached the seeder. Apparently the thing I bought was a cultivator so that didn’t help, but what it did was force me to cycle through my tools until I found that the seeder is effectively two tools, both of which need to be switched on. HOW ANNOYING.

So I got rid of the thing I leased and happily seeded my field.

I have also weeded a second field and also harvested a third. The harvest wasn’t worth shit but hey ho, at least I got the experience.

Other annoyances: can’t use right stick to move my head in cockpit view. It works fine in external view but I really want it to work in the cab too. The controls infobox is occasionally replaced with keyboard controls which is irritating (see screenshot). Cars frequently rear-end me on the road. Oh, and I can’t run people over.

Anyway I’ll plough on (har) and see if I get any better. I seem to recall having bugger all to do in FS19 when all my fields were growing, so I guess I’ll take some contracts next time and earn some cash.

Oh yeah! And my small tractor wasn’t powerful enough to pull the seeder apparently, even though there was nothing in the specifications of either tractor or seeder to suggest that would be the case.

You can reset tools from the map. It puts them back in the parking area by the shop.

It’s not immediately clear how to do it. To reset you have to go to the main map, select the icon on the map until the item pops up in a window. Then ‘reset’ is an option at the bottom which returns it to the shop.

Aha! Great tip, thanks both.

This is my first game and I have a lot of things turned off, including weeding, snow, AI traffic, crop destruction, and one other item I can’t remember. Those take a lot of the frustration out. You can also disable seasons, which still lets you see the leaves change and fall, but allows you to vary the crop cycle a bit. It sounds like you’ve played before but you can turn off a lot of the annoying stuff just the same.

Also you only have to plow when the game says so, main map, select soil composition and see if it’s red, indicating the need to plow. Otherwise that cultivator (a lighter turning of the dirt) is perfectly fine after harvesting and to prep for seeding.

There are some seeders that do a combination, like the Pottinger that cultivates, seeds and applies 50% fertilizer. That’s probably the hardest thing for me is not knowing what the tools do and not understanding some of them are multi-tools and some are not.

The descriptions in the shop do (usually) specify, but I’m not finding it as clear as in previous games. Possibly because of all the new field states and the ambiguity around what they actually mean. I just saw a Reddit post which claimed that after extensive testing, it seems that mulching just once applies a permanent bonus, even persisting though ploughing, which otherwise generally resets everything. If true, that seems like a bug, but who knows!

It would be nice if it had a format of:

Gives cultivated status
Gives seeded status (with seeds)
Gives fertilized status (with solid fertilizer)

I know that’s probably asking too much but yeah, some of them are vague. I had to watch a video to understand that a -grass- roller will give fertilized status on existing grass and reset the growing condition. But only a grass roller, not a stone roller.

It actually kind of does the second and third ones, though not explicitly. The first one is given in the text description, but doesn’t have any iconography associated with it, which would be helpful.

I think I watched the same grassland care video as you yesterday.