Farming Simulator 22: This time it's seasonal

No, you don’t need to do different fertiliser types. But unless you’re using manure or slurry, you can only do one stage of fertilisation per crop growth stage. So just wait a month and do it again.

Awesome! Well I bought a sprayer anyway, they’re fast as they cover a larger distance. And my fields are now at 100%, but again, it’s been over a month. Thanks to you both.

oops. Guess my experience with FS 19 is outdated and my memory isn’t what I thought it was. Sorry for the bad advice @Skipper !

No worries at all. I kind of like the sprayer.

Someone on reddit has beaten us all at silage. That being said, the truck won’t move it. Nothing will.

Now that I’ve got my core farm turned into a money-making machine, I think I’m going to step away for a while, until at least the first patch. I’d like some of the big bugs to be fixed and some QoL stuff to be implemented before I dive into olives/grapes and forestry and maybe try out a new map. Also I just need to stop playing so much. I already have 219 hours according to Steam.

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I’ve not really run in to many bugs either beyond AI driver stuff. I’m guessing we’re just outliers.

Having two pasture grass fields is killing me. I need to reseed one to something else. It’s good money, but having to mow every other day makes me feel like my 12-year-old self back in the neighborhood, slaving myself out for a few bucks to spend on Donkey Kong at the 7-Eleven.

I’ve seen a few buggy things but nothing that bothers me. A lot of the engine problems are still around because well, they’ve been using the same engine for 5 (6)? games in a row. They really need to crank out a new one.

Yeah, 90% of the bugs I’ve encountered are ones that were in the previous game(s). Which doesn’t exactly bode well for them getting fixed.

Hit kind of a glitch. I was hauling silage to the biogas plant. I missed my turn and got stuck into the edge of the map. Couldn’t get out or reset my front-loader.

Different issue, when I reloaded the price on silage changed. I reloaded again and it appears this price is completely random.

Someone posted the same on Reddit with a good dataset of pricing they had recorded. It appears as though only auto-sell follows the high/low sell calendar. But direct sales, like you looking at the pricing daily to determine when to sell something, are entirely random. Meaning each day the price could be its highest or lowest point of the year. So it’s a good idea to records when you see a high price so you know about when to sell things based on that price, not the time of year.

I’ve noticed this with silage. With amounts set for dollars, I’ve seen as high as $713 for a high price. So if I see ~640 or more I’ll sell. If not, I’ll try to hold until that range, which can be a while. It also means if you need to sell quicker, it’s not a bad idea to have more days per month in your settings, like 2-3 days a month if needed.

GPS mod is out:

Was about to post this same. This is a biggie. One of the must-have mods.

My god, I switched to the Vicon Fastbale auto-baler, which is a mod. SOOOOOO much better than my Pottinger. It doesn’t require stopping to remove the bale prior to wrapping. So you can haul ass grabbing all the windrowed grass across the field. Done in almost the same amount of time to windrow.

Now if someone would just mod a bigger grass care roller.

Yeah, if I were still baling my grass that’s what I’d be using. But it’s all going to hay now.

Speaking of grass, I had a facepalm moment yesterday. My pottinger mower combo has a auto windrow mode! Oh, how many acres I must have manually windrowed!


Ya! It has a work mode that enables a swath like a harvester. You even can direct it right, left or center.

It’s the Pottinger Novacat mower combo. I realize now that windrow was the wrong term “swath”.

Whaaaaat? I think I have those. WTF. Will check later this evening.