Farming Vader: player vs. 20 players

Title Farming Vader: player vs. 20 players
Author Rudy Basso
Posted in Features
When February 18, 2012

PvP! It's a thing. A thing some people are surprisingly passionate about; before my guild chose our server, there was some hot debate on whether we should go Player versus Player or Player versus Environment..

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Warhammer Online had that scenario based PvP with stat buffs to even out levels. Although it didn't work out quite as well. It only boosted you to a couple levels below the max for that tier, meaning people closer to the max still had a stat advantage. They also had more abilities and specialty points.

The top tier server was also a nightmare. As I'm sure any MMO player can guess, there is a much huger difference between a capped player and a player 3 levels below the cap (50 and 47 for WO) than there is a level 10 and 7 player. People a couple levels below the cap were thrown into the same servers with capped players sporting complete level 50 gear sets. It was a nightmare. Multiple level 47-49 players couldn't even dent the 50s.

It's good to see at least one MMO where the bad guys aren't outnumbered on every server. Warhammer heavily favored the good faction classes to the point where any PvP beyond tier 2 was a cruel joke.

I have been playing MMOs a long, long time and I have never had anyone explicitly point out the huge difference made by changing key bindings. So obvious in hindsight, but so ingenious. I'm off to remap keys and retrain my brain and hand!

Don't forget to purchase a couple of foot pedals, very useful for kick interrupts.

If you are looking for an awesome guide to key bindings in SWTOR check out It feels really awkward at first, but once you get used to this setup, you become so much more effective.

Taugrim is awesome! His tips and tricks can definitely help you become an elite PvPer (hate that term!). My current keybindings are a combination of his guide and my brother's set up. Thanks for sharing, can't believe I forgot to link this guide!