Farscape gets better... right?

I thought Farscape was great, in fact I’d put it above Firefly, BSG, and TNG. As mentioned above pretty much all of the characters evolve naturally over the length of the series, whereas on something like TNG Picard is pretty much the exact same the entire way through. Like the X-files the show had it’s episdoes essentially broken into two categories, one offs and story arc, though things that happened in one off episodes often had a lasting effect and sometimes wouldn’t be made apparent until much later on. They also had a way taking scifi cliches and putting just enough twist on them and sometimes in unexpected ways. There’s a few plot lines I want to talk about here, but where some are watching the show for the first time I wont get into details.

I also think the BSG folks had to be fans of Farscape when they came up with the Baltar/Six thing.

I loved Farscape and I own a mansion and a yacht and have a huge schlong as well…

Now Stargate SG-1, P U, even with half the cast of Farscape…

I also think we should legalize the hunting and skinning of dittoheads, but you probably had already dismissed me as a loon so I figured I’d go for the trifecta.

Oh I completely agree. I would have bailed on it if the Steady Hand of the Internet hadn’t kept me going.

Back to Farscape, I can certainly handle watching the show to see how the characters develop. With the exception of the blue-skinned gal I pretty much like all the characters. Actually I’m prepared to like all the characters. Most of them seem like they have potential but I’m sure it will take awhile for it to develop.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t committing to 3-4 years of a stinker.

Fed up with constantly missing episodes due to the Sci Fi channel’s inscrutable broadcast schedule, the wife and I eventually gave up and waited for every episode to be released on DVD, at which point we Netflixed them.

I really enjoyed quite a bit of Farscape, but now that I look back, I’m forced to conclude that overall it was pretty meh. If Crichton’s madness took place over one or two episodes, it would have been OK, but that plotline dragged for, what, two entire seasons? It got old fast.

Plus, all the characters had the emotional depth of your average WB teen drama. Everyone was moody, and most of them were sleeping with each other.

Maybe it’s just one more thing in my life I outgrew. (Shrug)

Just to make my take clear, that’s a negative IMO.

The only thing bad Id say about Farscape is that about 2 shows a season are really bad. The rest are really good. Like the one where Criton was dreaming (well I am not exactly sure what was going on) about a loony tunes world with Scorpio in it. I really didn’t like that one.

As far as Ben Bowder not having a wide range of acting, that might be true although I was thinking Crition was supposed to be somewhat unemotional and unphased by most things. When everyone was panicking, he always kept a cool head and just figured stuff out.

I didn’t care for the character Ka’Dargo. Well maybe it was more of the character design. First it was an obvious rip-off of klingons, at least he didn’t have to go though some rediculious ritual of pain twice a season like Worf did. However, the thing that really annoyed me was the fact that if he got the smallest cut, you had to make sure “The blood ran clear” or he would die. Lets get real here. You race is a warrior race where you fight with swords and the slightest nick where the blood didn’t run clear (which it never seemed to do unless you pounded the wound) would cause you to die. What if you gave him a little nick on his back where he could not see (or perhaps even notice) his blood was not running clear. They have to be the easiest race in the universe to kill. Its just stupid. Its like being in a universe where your race is all Superman, and your only weakness is kryptonite. Only EVERYBODY has kryptonite.

Re: blood running clear, the couple of times he got hit were fairly substantial. Also notice that the way to get the blood to run clear was to hit him more. Don’t know if that was intentional or not, but that’s a damn great way to keep themselves in the fight.

“Well, took a hit, but as long as I keep getting nailed, the blood will run clear… Have at you!”

Keep D’Argo in a fight? He was the crappiest fighter of them all, he got knocked out all the time. Farmers should stick to farming.

I am referring to his race in general, not just D’Argo. Given how the others of his race ran rings around him in later eps, I have to think he was one of the sissies of his kind.

My only real complaint about the series was there were way too many faux deaths of main characters. They started to get kind of out of hand at one point. I did totally appreciate actual character deaths though. I don’t think this is spoilers as good luck figuring out the real from faux deaths as you watch it for the first time through.

I watched up through ep 11 and I think I’m going to stick with it. I did come to a new realization which is I hate the music - especially the nasal vocals at the end of the theme. That’s going to get pretty damn grating quickly.

The other thing I’m fast-forwarding through is the voice-over during the opening. I didn’t like voice-overs on Star Trek - original or Next Gen. I didn’t like it on Babylon 5 and Farscape’s seems worse than any of the above.

Thus far I’m proceeding with caution.

They redo the credits for season 3, and they get much, much better.

You’re heading over the hump. The real show should begin to appear shortly.

Give us a jingle after you’ve hit 19 and 20 and let us know what you think…

I thought the show was actually at it’s best relatively early when they could still mine “Holy shit it’s weird out here” for plot material. Scorpio-centric episodes tended to be A)surreal and B)crappy. Also, that dude with the iron plate in his head? Sort of a black hole of entertaining TV.

Addendum: When you guys are talking about the blue chick, weren’t there 2 blue chicks? Or did I make that up?

Well, there was Zhaan, the spiritual blue chick, and later Chiana, the weird flirty blue chick.

Chiana’s grey, not blue, wtf

No, she definitely had some bluish tones to her skin. Not a rich Zhaan blue, but a very subtle blue-grey.

Anything’s better than that three-eyed dinosaur matriarch they whipped out after Zhaan left. WTF was up with that? Zero acting, zero character, zero plot advancement. In fact, I’ll say she set the show back a few seasons with her ridiculous witch doctor powders and crap.

No one even really questioned who she was or wtf she was doing there.

I don’t know about this show but its aspect ratio is perfect for one half of a widescreen. Episode one commencing!

It starts slow, but the characters grow on you, and when they introduce the new villain it really gets going.