Farscape returns!

The critically acclaimed scifi show Farscape returns in the form of ten short new webisodes to air on SciFi Pulse.

Hopefully this will be a lead-in toward a new series.

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Thanks for the heads up

Great news. I loved Farscape, was sorely disappointed with the way they had to wrap it up and hope to see some more of the regular seasons episodes goodness.

What’s a “webisode”?

Oh yeah, like there won’t be 7600 threads on it when they get going!

Awesome! I loved this show. More Claudia Black, please.

It is about frelling time. Woot!

Just what it sounds like. It’s an episode that you can only view online (it isn’t aired on TV). Often, these are shorter than a regular episode, and usually they are supplementary to the main series itself. For example, there were some for Heroes last season, and I believe BSG did some as well. They often involve secondary characters or other non-featured characters (some of which are completely new) and never really affect the main story (though sometimes they provide additional clues, etc.).

There were some webisodes for The Office, too.

I really hate giving my email address to commercial entities, but in this case, I’m willing to do so, since I assume part of what they are doing is gauging viewer interest by the number of sign-ups they get.


“revive and expand?” Does that mean a new cast?

I’m so there- thanks for the heads up!

For what it’s worth, SciFi.com has had my email address for over 3 years now and I think I’ve received half a dozen emails from them tops in that timeframe. They do not send out weekly spam or anything like a lot of places do.

I’ve noticed a pretty consistant fan outcry for new Farscape content over the past few years at conventions and such. Their community is second only to the Firefly folks in their outspoken support of the show. This past GenCon, a couple of the actresses that played lesser characters were media guests, including one very cute petite redhead. They looked bored most of the times I walked past, but I did some some costumed fans interacting with them at one point. From the looks of IMDB many of the actors associated with the show are currently available for projects, so let’s hope the webisodes lead to new actual episodes.

Thanks for the link- I signed up.

I liked Farscape. I watched every episode and bought the DVDs. It was pretty good. But it is not Firefly. Why can’t we get more Firefly? <insert primal scream.

What a major let down, I miss-read the title (and all of the contents of this thread) as Firefly returns.
Farscape became tired during the end of its viewing life; Firefly on the other-hand was just warming up.