Farthest Frontier - City builder from Grim Dawn developer

Yeah, that might interest me (My Time at Port Valbury?), but I generally have no interest in the minutiae of city builders.

Anno 1800 disagrees. Or at least I do. ;)

As soon as it comes out on Steam, I will find that out for myself. (Except it looks like that is never going to happen).

I didn’t even know it was out yet. I’ll also pick it up when it’s available to me.

Get it on UPlay (or Ubisoft Connect, or whatever the name is these days). You need to connect to Ubi anyway, so might as well buy from them. ;)

But it’s probably the best Anno ever, and the best city builder I’ve played since the Impressions days. I love it.

They should have made a Stardew Valley like game. It could have the ultra realistic farming and crafting they have in Farthest Frontier, but also has dungeon crawling so their fanbase has a connection to this new one. I would also love the option to romance townsfolk in the Grim Dawn universe.

I can see why.

Wasn’t there a Tower Defense game set in this universe too?

You are thinking of the Van Helsing games and universe. They have Deathtrap, a tower defense game as well as tower defense in the games series itself.

Last city-builder I played was Tropico 2.

For whatever horrible, horrible reason I no longer play these because there’s no combat. This goes for games like The Sims too. And MMORPGs because “no one ever really dies” (to paraphrase RLM) in them.


You should take a look on the Anno games.

Amusingly, the main reason I stopped playing City Builders is because they all try to shoehorn in combat eventually, and all I want to do is peacefully minmax my ore-to-pickaxes-for-more-ore pipeline.

I love city builders, but yeah, I really hate it when they force some kind of combat on you. Especially annoying is having to micromanage trade routes because of roving pirate ships in assorted Anno games. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I haven’t gotten super far into the Anno 1800 campaign yet… because I end up settled on several islands and then suddenly have to spend 50% of my time protecting the ships that are hauling my goods around. It gets tiresome and I stop playing. Which is a shame, because I adore the Anno series, and 1800 seems excellent if not for that annoyance.

Getting into a bit of a derail here, but for Anno 1800 there are two approaches that really cut down on the annoyance here: (1) sign a cease-fire with the pirates; it’s kind of pricey if you wait for them to ask you but if you ask them it can be less expensive, or (2) assign a frigate (later, two frigates) as escort (doesn’t work for routes that go to other maps, sadly). It is unfortunate that the cheaper route is to manually wiggle your ships around, especially earlier in the game, when you don’t have so much money, but I find that just poneying up the cash (either to the pirates or frigate maintenance) is worthwhile as ultimately my attention is what is the bottleneck on growth. Alternately, can you turn off the pirates for the campaign?

You can at least skip the campaign and play a custom game with pirates turned off and no competitors if you so choose.

@ArmandoPenblade You might want to take a peek at Factory Town.

Yes, this, although Factory Town may be a bit much if you’re not super into automation games. Foundation was the first thing to come to mind when I read that. Because Foundation is awesome. And it has no combat. But mostly it’s awesome.

Yeah, automation isn’t so much my thing (never really jived with what Factorio seems to be about when I’ve peeked at it), but Foundation has been hanging out on my Wishlist for awhile. Hmmm. Videos to Google after work wraps up today!

Hm, I’m not sure. I don’t remember seeing that option, but I should take a closer look next time I decide to give it a go again.

Yeah, but I do usually enjoy completing the campaigns in these games (though my observation has been that I’m in the minority there, hehe).

Honestly, I’m on board with the 1800 campaign since it’s really just a long quest chain.