Farthest Frontier - City builder from Grim Dawn developer

thanks! I know I played one or two of the caesar games.

Missed posting a few logs.

So is it looking good tho?

I am thinking yes, and soon we will all be able to find out!

Log 6

They put out a roughly 2 hour gameplay video. It’s a Stream so prepare yourself for a lot of pointless chat. The video is just music from the game until 15 minutes in.

I do wish companies wouldn’t just copy paste a stream to youtube and would trim dead space at beginning. I understand an individual doing it sometimes, but I remember a Bungie stream that had an hour 45 at the beginning of ‘stream starting soon’ and that just seems silly for a professional company

Yeah, for a live countdown type of deal it’s whatever, but it’s lazy as hell to leave it in a saved video. I’m quite sure you can literally just hop in the studio edit on Youtube and just trim it with a slider and hit save.

yep, it’s what I do for my stream uploads most of the time. super simple and for a company to not do it is just odd for me. Sorry for the derail, looking forward to the game.

I try not to get hyped over another early access city builder, but I’m kinda getting hyped for this.

Crate has released a version to some streamers. There’s only a couple out there right now but this one was one of the best - the streamer has a basic understanding of what he should be doing and appears to understand the game systems.

Do any of the streamers show how combat will work? How actiony does it get?

None of the streamers I’ve watched have gotten to the point where combat is a thing. You can’t build guard towers until you’re getting close to mid game because they are a constant gold drain. So you need to have a decent economy to even afford one in the first place. The guard tower is manned by a soldier and I don’t think you can create them otherwise (unless you’re building a garrison or whatever the military building is called). But you can and do create weapons like bows and I think swords, and your general townfolk appear to be combat capable… At least they will jump into action if a predator runs into town. So perhaps you only need professional militia after a while.

If I do run across someone having battles I’ll posted in the thread.

Well, this article single-handedly made me really interested in the game! How could I not be after reading things like this:

My type of game are ones that let you build a fence without a gate and accidentally starve people inside, in contrast to the types of games that pop up a message saying “you have to add a gate to your fence” whenever I try to close the loop.

Just saw yesterday they added an official game guide to their website:


If the guy in the fence had an axe could he get out is my question.

If he had a brain larger than a rabbit’s, could he have, um, climbed over the fence maybe?

Raptor streamed around six hours yesterday on YouTube and he got attacked once in that timeframe. The initial attack was five raiders who appeared to be carrying clubs. He did not have any guard towers at that point so he basically selected his entire population and told them to attack one guy. With about 15 people beating on one raider the raider only got to about 1/3 health. So they appear pretty tough. The Raiders destroyed about 90% of a building, stole a bunch of gold and food, and then left.

So to answer your question, it does not appear very ‘actiony’. And it also seems like a good idea to have guard towers and or regular militia as you develop. There is a tooltip either over one of the military buildings or a wall, that says something about eventually the Raiders show up with battering rams and the like. So take that for what you will.