Fascism thinks like Halliburton and talks like Bush

I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t care as much if he posted something that I didn’t think was utterly ridiculous. But meh. That’s how the human mind works. It’s not such an issue with me that he’s new, in fact, but an overly lecturing tone in anyone’s post would probably set my ass ablaze. So, in conclusion, I don’t really know what the fuck I’m talking about.

I know, man, I know. Don’t beat yourself up over it.


I dunno, I like seeing dodgy new conservative posters speak up. At least I can enjoy that ‘Phew, glad he’s on their team’ feeling that counter-balances that wincing ‘I agree with you but SHUT THE FUCK UP’ feeling I get with a few other posters on my side of the fence.
So welcome aboard, Aikes, welcome.