Fascist eHarmony, always rejecting my applications

You’d think she’d be use to stroking the egos of creepy older men. She’s been Dating the guy who plays her uncle on the show since she was like 15.

Milo’s probably going to dump her saggy butt once she’s a little older.

Funny story I heard from a few guys who were at SDCC: she was in the train ride from LA to the convention center and almost nobody in it knew who she was. Apparently she was looking all disgruntled and some dude asked, “Who’s that? Is she supposed to be someone famous?” and another dude said “That’s Hayden Panettierre”. When she’d walked out of the carriage pretty much everyone said that they’d never even heard of her.

She really isn’t as famous as she likes to think, which explains why she tries to trump up publicity for herself with anti-John McCain ads and some nonsense about boycotting Japanese fishermen and fucking up their livelyhoods. She’s often spotted at sushi restaurants in Hollywood, so it’s really a bunch of crap.